E Report / Feb 1st, 2022
Envy wigs in new colors; text reads “For every shade of you”

12 New Multi-Dimensional Shades. Dozens of You.

ENVY Just Got More Colorful!

At ENVY, we’ve always dedicated ourselves to bringing you the latest styles and the hottest colors. This February, we’re excited to roll out 12 new Rooted Shades that’ll change the way you “wig.” These new colors feature darker roots with a medium base and highlights to offer the multi-dimensional look of real hair. And best of all, our most popular styles come in these striking new hues. So, if you haven’t changed your hair color lately, here are six great reasons to give it a shot.

1. Fashion

Many people think of their hair as part of their body. But there’s actually another way to think about it. Try to rethink your hair as part of your outfit. The next time you’re headed out for the day, pick out a great pair of boots. Settle on a belt that you really like. And then throw on a wig that ties the whole thing together. From the light-toned luster of our Sahara Blonde to the bold brown of our Espresso, ENVY gives you a ton of fashionable shades that really help you accessorize.


2. Skin Tone

At first glance, people usually process your skin tone and your hair color together. So, think about how these two elements collaborate with your overall look. Have you ever tried matching your hair color to your complexion? Have you tried creating a sharp contrast, instead? Some women get used to thinking of their hair as a permanent fixture. But with ENVY’s palette of on-trend colors, you can mix up your aesthetic as often as you feel inspired. Does your skin have more cool undertones? Warm up with Saffron Spice. Or if you have warmer skin tones, perhaps Platinum Shadow is for you. Neutral skin tone? Lucky gal, you look good in anything!


3. You Need a Fresh Start

Whether you’re going through a breakup, moving across the country, or simply turning over a new leaf, changing your hair color is a great way to press the reset button. ENVY gives you all of the colors you could possibly need to start fresh. When you see a “new you” in the mirror, it’s a strong invitation to evolve in other ways, too. Looking to get into a blonde state of mind? Go bold with Honey Breeze, or bright with Butterscotch Shadow.


4. You’re in a Rut

We’re all creatures of habit and stability is obviously an important part of life. But sometimes our daily routines can start to feel like a bit of a grind. That’s when it might be time to try out a new hair color to really liven things up. The rich, dark tones of Macchiato and the light, bubbly Champagne Shadow don’t just give you a new look—they also give you an invigorating sense of possibility.


5. Your Hair Starts Turning Gray

At some point, it happens to everyone…you start to find a few gray hairs. It’s a natural part of aging and a moment that gets all of our attention. But if your hair is changing color anyway, why not lean into that transition? Embrace the silver with Sterling Shadow or opt for a sweetly youthful shade with Cinnamon Toffee, and start thinking about your hair color in a more intentional way.


6. You Just Feel Like It

The moment we start listing off all of the “reasons” to change hair colors, we start searching for our reason. But keep in mind that you don’t even need one—you can change your hair color for no reason at all. So, get a little spontaneous, and have a little fun. Try out Silky Beige on Tuesday, and swap it out for Golden Sandstone on Wednesday. Why not? A perfectly good reason to change your hair color is just because you feel like it.


Available in Our 25 Most Popular Styles

Wondering if your favorite ENVY wig comes in these gorgeous new shades? Check the list below to find out!

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Expressing ourselves is part of what makes us human. And doing that through your hair has never been easier. So, whether you’re starting a new chapter, trying out a new aesthetic, or turning those gray hairs into something more vibrant, check out our 12 new hair colors. Shop online or visit your favorite brick-and-mortar ENVY retailer. Because wherever you like to shop, style is always just around the corner.

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