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Add On Instant Glamour? Yes, Please!

February 15th, 2020

Hello Envy fans! Are you ready to pump up your style a bit? Add a little oomph to your daily look? Camouflage those thin bits of hair, and step out with confidence?

Sometimes in life (and in hair) a little less for a little more is desired. That’s where Envy’s Hair Add-ons swoop in to save the day. Hair pieces have come a looooong way since the sixties trend of tucking a little booster at your crown for an instant (just add Aqua Net) bouffant. They are now the ultimate solution for thinning areas, receding hairlines, partial loss, and boosts of volume.

Think of our Add-ons as providing area-specific coverage and volume, tailored to your unique look. You, even better. And it’s not difficult in the slightest! Making a hairpiece your favorite accessory is as easy as can be if you keep a few tips in mind.

Color Match Carefully

Since an Add-on is meant to blend seamlessly into your existing hair, color is important. However, a little savvy reverse engineering can make all the difference in achieving a great look. Choose a color that is the closest to your existing hair color, and then take it with you to the salon so your stylist can mimic the highlights and lowlights on your own tresses.

Trim it Up

While you are at the salon, consider having your stylist trim your Add-on to blend in beautifully with your hair. A few layers added here or there, or even a more dramatic trim, will ensure the look is as natural as possible and is customized to you.

Tuck and Fluff

Your hairpiece will attach with small pressure sensitive clips allowing you to position it in just the right spot to achieve coverage. For the most natural look allow your natural tresses to overlap the Add-on along the edges and blend in. A little volumizing powder or dry shampoo applied to the roots of your natural hair can help blend the tresses together.

Wash and Wear

Caring for an Add-on is much the same as a full wig with a few bonuses. Conveniently, you can go longer between washings since it will not be covering your entire scalp and collecting as much oil. Since the volume of hair is less it will also likely dry more quickly. If you have a full wig stand, go ahead and use it. But if not, get creative and drape it over anything that will allow the air to circulate.

So go ahead, add a little confidence and fun to your style with an Envy Hair Add-on. They are available in six styles and ten colors to make choosing and wearing a breeze. You will be happy to add this versatile gem to your hair wardrobe.

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