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All the Things to Love About YOU!

September 1st, 2020

There is so much to celebrate about YOU. In the general distraction of all that life holds—the good times, the bad, and everything in between—it is easy to lose sight of all the wonderful things that make you, YOU.

This month we’re celebrating the unique women around the globe who don their Envy wigs and go about their day being the best person they can be. Each wig we create has not only superior craftsmanship and ultimate wearability, it also has its very own personality.

Take for instance, our incredible selection of short and sassy styles. If you like a playful look that transforms to all business in a flash, you are in luck with our vast selection of runway-ready, cropped tresses. Your wig and personality will meet their match with Coti, Michaela, Flame, or Ophelia.

Living life to its fullest and relishing in each moment is easy as pie with our sophisticated mid-length styles. If you enjoy having a little styling flexibility without too much hassle, you can’t go wrong with great looks such as Danielle, Grace, Megan, and Cassandra. Ranging from shiny and sleek to soft and bouncy, you are sure to love the versatility and fashion-forward image each Envy wig provides.

Romantics, we know you are out there. If you aren’t afraid to take life slowly and embrace the opportunity to play with your tresses for the perfect look to suit your mood, look no further than Envy. Our long styles combine wearability with styling options galore. Check out Ava and Monique when you want to explore the softer side of life.

Is your look reflecting who you are and who you want to be? Whether you change it up or keep it comfortable, Envy has all the looks to capture YOU.

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