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Blossom Into Your New Style

April 1st, 2017

Goodbye winter, hello spring! The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining. After the strange, long winter we just had, it’s not difficult to imagine our spirits soaring with the rising temperature. At Envy, we make it simple to build on that easy, breezy springtime positivity. Refresh your look with a brand new wig by Envy, and you’ll even put the blossoming April buds to shame!

Spring is a time of new things—new growth, new hope, new attitudes. Why not add “new style” to that list?

With numerous wigs in all lengths and styles, Envy’s Open Top collection has something for everyone. The cap is constructed from a delicate layer of gossamer which lies softly against the scalp and allows air to circulate freely—perfect for the warm spring weather. In addition, a petal-patterned netting adds unparalleled stretch and support. Our Open Top wigs can be styled to the left or right to allow for maximum versatility, and the caps are dyed in a complementary color to the hair, providing complete, discreet coverage. When you wear any of the wigs in this collection, you will walk into the April sunshine feeling completely comfortable and confident.

For a look that can be swept back off your forehead for those warmer spring days, our Lace Front styles are just the ticket. The sheer, Lace Front technology mimics your natural hairline, right down to those wispy little hairs that frame your face. Just like more costly custom-made pieces, the graduated density of these styles begins with a finer appearance in the front and gradually increases as it reaches the crown. You can add clips and headbands, part it and style it like it was your own. Run your fingers through your bangs and trust that your Lace Front style looks believable, beautiful, and enviable…naturally.

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