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January 15th, 2020

The colder winter months bring along coziness, and maybe a little break in the daily routine, but they also bring a lot of static and dryness to the house. Just like during the hot summer months, a little TLC goes a long way to keeping your wig looking good and feeling comfortable.

Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

Scalp and tresses crave a dose of extra love in the winter months. Take time for a slow comb-through with a creamy, wig-safe conditioner during your washing session. If you have natural hair, a deep conditioner while showering will add some much needed moisture. If your scalp is bare, try a scalp massage using a favorite lotion.

Take a Break

It’s always important to let your scalp breathe, but in the winter months it is even more crucial. Take advantage of the shorter days by calling your wig-wearing quits an hour or two before bedtime, and plan wigless times when you can. Switching your pillowcases to silk or satin rather than cotton can supply a soothing surface for those wintery nights.

Check Your Wig Habitat

Where is your wig when you’re not wearing it? Double check to make sure it is not located too close to a vent or portable heat source. Those blasts of warm air will strip moisture and create undesirable frizz. Instead, keep it on a wig stand away from any direct heat, and allow to gently air dry after washing.

Give a Cap a Try

Even if you don’t normally wear a wig cap, your winter scalp may be begging for you to try one. A natural bamboo fiber might be the perfect addition to your routine to decrease irritation on dry skin. During the summer months, you’ll love it too.

Detangle with Care

Higher collars, outerwear, and hats can all cause your tresses to bunch and tangle on the nape of your neck. Start on those layers when you comb or brush your wig out using gentle pressure and small sections. A midday detangle will help to keep those locks smooth and beautiful.


Static electricity is just no fun when you’re dealing with wig wearing. To cut down on the frizz factor run a dryer sheet over your wig to keep those flyaways at bay, or fill a spray bottle with water and a drop of conditioner to mist and smooth.

Drink Lots of Water

It’s not exactly a wig tip, but hydrating your body will keep your biggest barrier to the outside—your skin—in top condition throughout the seasons. Your scalp will know the difference!

Whether you are wearing synthetic hair, natural hair, or our brilliant Envyhair, following these tips will have you looking your best during the winter months. If you are ready for a new style to take the bite out of a long winter, be sure to stop by one of our incredible retailers to see the latest Envy styles.

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