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Create Your Own August Celebration

August 1st, 2017

Poor August gets such a bad wrap. Kids start going back to school, but summer’s not over—in fact, throughout much of the northern hemisphere, August is the hottest month of the year! And there’s not even a holiday to break up the scorching weather and back-to-school blues.

We don’t know about you, but we’ve just about had it with these dog-day doldrums. So what if there are no official festivities to look forward to? If August is a time for anything, it’s a time to create our own celebrations…. So grab your favorite Envy wig, round up some friends, fire up the barbeque, and make the most of the end of summer!

Are you looking for a new hairdo to show off at your next August party? Any of our Open Top styles would fit the bill nicely. Their petal-patterned netting adds unparalleled stretch and support—these wigs were designed with style and comfort in mind. And they can be styled to the left or right, allowing for maximum versatility. When you wear any of the wigs in this collection, you’ll walk into the August sun feeling completely cool and confident.

Nothing says “celebrate” quite like the ultimate styling flexibility of our Mono Top line. Most of the wigs in this collection can be parted on the left, right, or down the middle—due to the wigs’ high quality construction, each option looks alluring and doesn’t reveal a thing! Mono Top styles feature a monofilament base, which gives the scalp a natural appearance, and the ultra-lightweight cap has wispy bits of fringe framing the hairline, allowing you to comb the hair toward or away from your face. Day to night, office to backyard bash…these wigs are perfect for everything August has in store for you!

Head to your nearest Envy Wigs retailer to find your new August-ready style. And don’t forget to ask if they have any summertime deals on their collection of Envy Wigs!

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