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February 2nd, 2015

Can you believe January is already gone? The first month of 2015 blew past. It’s a cliché, but time truly does fly. That makes each moment precious and ripe for opportunities big and small. There’s no time like now to start making a plan to achieve your next goal, to spend more time with family and friends, and to cross that next thing off your list. That next thing can be as simple as trying something new, and yes, that can include wigs. We’d love to help you make a change.

Altering your hairstyle is a little adjustment, but it can have a large impact. Think about it. If you walk out the door feeling confident about your appearance, it can help you feel ready to take on the world. Whether you want to test a new style and/or color for cosmetic reasons or you want to wear a wig to accommodate health issues, we have plenty of variety at Envy Wigs. The perfect wig awaits you in our catalog.

For example, you can get started with our Human Hair collection. These luxurious wigs come in short, medium, and past the shoulder lengths. You can choose from a range of vivid colors including Dark Red, Frosted, Medium Brown, and many more. Each strand of hair is hand selected by our team of professionals to ensure the highest quality. You’ll be able to style each wig in the Human Hair collection with a blow dryer, flat iron, or rollers.

You can get all that in just a single collection. Imagine the other choices you’ll have at your fingertips when you consider Envy’s seven other collections! Don’t feel overwhelmed though. Once you’ve looked through our website and used our 360 degree color videos to make notes about your top choices, all you need to do is go try wigs on. It’s never too late to try something different. Visit the store locator and find the Envy Wigs retailer in your neighborhood. Browse the available styles, check to see if there are any special offers, and work with an experienced consultant to find wigs that work for you.

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