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Embrace that Sunny Summer Style

June 1st, 2017

We’ve been waiting for five long, dreary months…June is finally here! Sunny days and warm weather, cookouts and pool parties, sun dresses and floppy hats. Who doesn’t love summer?

As the temperatures rise and you head outdoors to soak up the sunshine, you’ll need a new ‘do to match your summer lifestyle. Will you embark on new adventures this season? Hike through a tropical wilderness, perhaps, or catch the ocean breezes on a Caribbean yacht? Or will you stay close to home; lounge by the pool with a good book or peruse the local farmers markets? Whatever your summer activities entail, Envy has the look for you.

When it comes to summer heat, you can’t beat the styleability of our Human Hair wigs. Every strand in this collection has been hand-selected by our team of professionals to ensure each wig offers the ultimate in rich color, unique texture, exquisite body, and healthy appearance. Blow dry and flat iron to wear straight, or heat roll for those luscious curly looks that really turn heads. Then brush the strands back from your forehead or throw longer locks into a ponytail for cool, on-the-go summer wearability.

Are you saving up for that perfect summer vacation? Any of the styles in our Open Top collection offer premium quality for those of us on a bit of a budget. These wigs were designed with style and comfort in mind—a petal patterned netting adds unparalleled stretch and support, and it’s dyed in a complementary shade to the hair for complete coverage. With a range of styles—including perfect-for-summer pixies—there’s a look for for every warm-weather gal.

Whichever collection you choose, in an Envy wig, you’ll step into the summer sunshine feeling completely cool and confident. Visit your nearest Envy Wigs retailer to try a few on for yourself. And be sure to ask if they have any hot summer deals on their Envy Wigs!

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