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The Belles of Envy’s Holiday Parade

December 1st, 2020

Woooohooooo! We are wrapping up 2020 with a holiday parade of fabulous style! That’s right, 2020 is sure to go into the history books for a whole lot of reasons, but perhaps the biggest of them all is the fashion and flair captured by everyone who wears their Envy Wig.

The Master of Ceremonies is none other than our coveted Envyhair™ collection. The proprietary blend of 70% human hair and 30% synthetic means you can style, twirl, curl, and straighten to your heart’s delight. Keep it easy for the daytime and dress it up at night. Selena wins a perfect 10 with loose romantic waves, while Yuri celebrates with sleekness and shine.

Next up, strutting down the street and showing off their best are the Lace Front girls—both Mono Part and Mono Top. Keep pace with the head-tossing Carrisa; her playful curls wow the crowd every time. Juliet is next in line, boasting a modern and very much “not your mother’s bob” look. Sassy and sophisticated, Tina turns heads everywhere she goes, while Taylor’s mid-length layers invite special styling and casual updos.

The festivities continue to the upbeat march of our Mono Top beauties. Style on the right, the left or down the center and reveal nothing but pure fashion. Marita is tousled but elegant and shows that short dos can hold plenty of personality. The snug and elegant lines of Megan are sure to highlight your very best features.

Wrapping up the showcase in style and comfort (thanks to the delicate layer of stretchy, petal-patterned gossamer) are our Open Top wonders. Wearing a wig never felt so comfortable and cool. Keeping time with the latest is Penelope with her spiky, textured layers. Chantel gets rave reviews from the crowd, showing off her stacked crown and face framing layers.

It’s all lined up just for you! Enjoy these and others in the collection and close 2020 with oodles of style and fun. Check out our online retailers and see if they have any festive December deals on their Envy wigs!

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