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Fall in Love…with You!

February 1st, 2016

Oh my, is it February already? The most romantic of months! With pink and red hearts adorning every nook and cranny in every shop, sometimes it’s difficult not to get caught up in the greeting card-ness of this particular holiday. When, really, what the whole thing is about is quite simple: love. And you know what they say—you can’t properly love another until you love yourself.

Whether or not you have a sweetheart, we want to challenge you to love yourself this month. Take some time for you. Sit quietly with yourself and get to the bottom of what makes you wonderful and lovable, and then focus on those qualities for the next 29 days (and beyond!). Maybe you should pamper yourself a little, too—you deserve it! Take yourself to the movies, or give yourself a spa day. While we, at Envy, know looks aren’t everything, we are also firm believers that when you feel you look great, self-assurance and self-worth follow. Would a new look—a new wig, perhaps—bring out that inner glow?

Each and every one of our wigs is created with your confidence in mind. No matter which collection you choose from, you can be sure that your wig is designed to look as natural as possible. Our Envyhair wigs, for instance, are made of a unique blend of 70% heat friendly fiber and 30% human hair, which not only looks like your own hair, but styles like it, as well. You can use blow dryers, curlers, and flat irons to try out new styles, sweep them into
up-dos or tease them out for a night on the town. All at a fraction of the cost of a 100% human hair wig.

Our Mono Top collection is another that will keep you strutting your stuff with poise and confidence. The monofilament base replicates the look of your natural scalp, while wispy bits of fringe frame the hairline and hide the construction, allowing you to comb the hair any which way you please. Part these styles on the left, right, or down the middle—they won’t reveal a thing.

Best of all, each Envy collection comes in a wide range of color choices to help you bring out your best self. Sassy, elegant, sweet…which style will you choose? Be sure to visit your local Envy retailer to find your perfect look. And be sure to ask if they have any LOVE-ly February specials!

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