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Find a Reason to Celebrate

April 2nd, 2015

It’s all too easy to let life’s annoyances knock you down. Little things like losing your keys or spilling coffee on your shirt can hit hard if you’re already having a rough morning. We won’t even touch the myriad bigger challenges thrown at us from day to day. That’s why it’s important to celebrate whenever you can. You don’t need to wait for a holiday to pop up on the calendar or for any kind of special occasion – make your own! Did you complete a huge project early? Did you conquer your entire email inbox? Did you score the winning shot at a recent game? Those are just a few examples of moments you should pat yourself on the back for.

And there are so many ways to celebrate! You can make note of your accomplishment and put it in a memory jar to review at the end of the year, you can treat yourself to your favorite snacks, you can give yourself some down time to read or catch up on television, or you can reward yourself by getting your nails done, getting a massage, or purchasing a new wig. So many choices!

If you do opt for choosing a new wig, Envy Wigs has an expansive catalog of styles, cuts, and colors for you to choose from. All of our wigs are designed and constructed with the utmost care. Our variety is rivaled only by our attention to detail. And if you’re looking variety, our Lace Front Mono Top collection is a fine place to start. Styles in this line are all over the spectrum. You can opt for a long and curly look, a long and slightly wave look, something short and sassy, and many cuts in between. As with all our wigs, you can choose from a wide array of colors from frosted blondes to dark reds. Our Lace Front Mono Top wigs have a natural looking hairline and scalp which means they look as natural as can be. All that represents just one of Envy Wig’s collections!

Go ahead and treat yourself. Browse our website and once you have a list of wigs that suit your fancy, use our store locator to find the Envy Wigs retailer closest to you. Experienced consultants will then help you try on different styles until you find one (or several) that you like best. Be sure to ask the store if they have any special pricing available.

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