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Get a Bit Beachy in May

May 1st, 2021

The Envy ladies are packing up their suits and shorts and heading to the beach to enjoy a little fun in the sun. Let’s take a sneak peek into the amazing styles that will be seen this month!

Lounging poolside, we spot the Petites. The carefully altered petite styles mean those with diminutive facial frames can enjoy tresses that fit them and their personality to a T. Alyssa and Penelope chat under an umbrella sporting cropped style with lots of shiny layers to ruffle in the breeze, always returning to a perfect look no matter what the weather. Nadia has donned a large hat over her silky, shoulder-length mane that pairs beautifully with her gentle fringe of bangs.

A girl’s trip to the beach wouldn’t be the same without a mid-afternoon wardrobe refresh and restyle in anticipation of a fun dinner out. That’s what makes being an Envyhair woman so very nice. Tandi retired back to the room a little early to flip the ends of her chin length bob for the ultimate carefree look. Selena loves to accessorize and has done a half back style with a glittery clip, perfect for taming her long, casual waves. Ava will enjoy transforming her longer strands into loose ringlets thanks to the unique blend of 70% heat-friendly fiber and 30% human hair with plenty of built in moisture control.

We are confident that all the week’s beachside activities are going to be a blast. Window shopping, walking through the waves, reading by the pool, and sunset dinners are all on the list, and the Envy ladies will do it all in style and confidence!

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