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October 1st, 2019

October may be all about ghosts and goblins and as much candy as you can get your hands on, but it’s also about so much more. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and is a time to focus on education, support, and fundraising. While many of these activities occur year round, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month presents the opportunity to bring more attention to the disease, preventative measures, and ongoing efforts to find a cure.

Many of our customers are fighting a battle with breast cancer or other illnesses that leave them in need of wigs and hairpieces to get them through the day. It’s always been our belief that wigs can be comfortable, affordable, and stylish at the same time. Each of our styles is made with extra thought and care as to how they feel against the scalp, how well they stay in place, and how they best complement a woman’s face. If you’re in need of a wig—for health reasons or just because—give Envy a try! We have fashionable looks in a variety of collections to satisfy any style, condition, and budget.

One of our most popular collections is Envyhair™, and with good reason. Our proprietary blend of 70% heat-friendly fiber and 30% human hair far exceeds other heat-friendly styles and has built-in moisture control properties that withstand temperatures up to 180°C or 356°F. You can heat-set, curl, straighten, and blow dry to your heart’s content! Every silky strand is hand tied into the softest, lightest head-hugging cap material for a cool, comfortable fit on even the most sensitive scalps. And at about 1/3 the price of more costly 100% human hair products, Envyhair feels absolutely beautiful.

Our Lace Front Mono Top styles are also a hit, as they feature some of the most believable hairlines on the market. The exclusive lace front design lets you sweep your hair back from your face while the unique technology of our Mono Top design has the look of a natural scalp, so you can part your hair and even create the look of side swept bangs. The cap is as soft as a spring breeze, and it’s breathable, so even with the most sensitive scalp, you can wear each style from the early morning into the wee hours.

With high-quality monofilament base construction, every style in our Mono Top collection is designed to appear as your natural scalp. Each strand of fiber is hand-tied to simulate natural hair growth. Wispy bits of fringe framing the hairline allow you to comb your hair toward or away from your face while keeping a realistic silhouette. Of course, Envy always has your comfort in mind. Each ultra-lightweight style features wefted sides and back for the most comfortable fit possible while allowing a breathable, yet capless feel to each style.

Our Lace Front styles mimic your natural hairline, right down to those wispy little hairs that frame your face. Just like more costly custom-made pieces, the graduated density of these styles begins with a finer appearance in the front and gradually increases as it reaches the crown. You can part it and style it like it was your own. Run your fingers through your bangs and trust that your Lace Front style looks believable, beautiful, and enviable, naturally.

Our Mono Part collection looks natural from any angle. The top is designed to look like your own scalp and each strand is hand-tied to simulate natural hair growth. The cap itself is crafted of breathable material selected for their softness, making this style perfect for women with sensitive scalps and those undergoing chemotherapy. Best of all, they are much more affordable than they look.

Last, but certainly not least, our ever-popular Open Top collection continues to turn heads. A delicate layer of gossamer lies softly against the scalp, allowing air to circulate freely. Petal-patterned netting adds stretch and support to every style and is dyed in a complementary shade to ensure complete coverage. You can style to the left. Style it to the right. Keep it sophisticated during the day. Even step up the volume for a night on the town. And always step out in complete confidence.

Head to your local Envy Wigs retailer to see what they have in store…and be sure to ask if they have any special savings for this special Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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