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March 2nd, 2015

Winter is almost behind us. Hopefully. It’s March and spring officially begins on March 20. Weather patterns obviously aren’t tied to calendars so even though snow might keep swirling, we’re getting closer to warmer times. You’ll be able to put away your heavy coats, gloves, and scarves and step outside without wearing tons of layers soon. It will be wonderful. Your wig will catch a break too since it will no longer be tousled by hats or earmuffs – and it won’t be covered up! You can flaunt your beautiful tresses with confidence.

While there is absolutely no shame in wearing wigs, we understand some of our clients prefer to keep the fact that they’re wearing wigs a secret. All of Envy’s wigs are made to look as natural as possible. We take great care to design our caps, hairlines, and strands so that they mimic natural hair. Some of our collections even have additional touches to ensure you can remain undercover.

Envy’s Lace Front styles go all the way with a natural hairline; the seven styles in this category even have little wispy hairs that frame the face. They can be parted and styled like natural hair, and these styles feature graduated density. Our Mono Part collection also flies under the radar. The tops of these wigs are made to look just like your scalp, and each strand of hair is hand-tied to simulate natural growth.

You can try out styles from our Lace Front and Mono Part collections at an Envy Wigs retailer near you. Use our store locator to find the closest shop. Once there, work with an experienced wig consultant to see which styles you feel the most comfortable wearing. Be sure to ask your consultant whether the store is offering any discounts.

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