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How About That Hat?

January 15th, 2019

Tips and Tricks for Wearing Hats with Wigs

It’s cute and sassy hat season all across the land. The range of options loom large from colorful and casual stocking caps to structured beauties reminiscent of the roaring ‘20s. It may seem daunting to add another layer to your wig wearing routine, but never fear. We have some great tips and tricks that will make donning a hat of any kind so easy you’ll start reaching for one on your most frantic of days.

Pick Your Wig

Adding another layer can make things itchy and hot, even in the chillier winter months. Be sure to reach for a wig that breathes. All of Envy’s wigs are designed with style AND comfort in mind, with a range of cap constructions that keep the air circulating…and your scalp nice and cool.

Secure for Success

When you put your wig on, use whichever method you feel keeps it on the best. Whether that means a cap, band, clips, or tape you’re looking for the one that is most comfortable for your day-to-day wearing, combined with the least amount of shifting. If you don’t have a secure base before you start piling on the accessories, you’ll have a potential disaster on your hands.

Choose Your Hat Wisely

The sky’s the limit when it comes to stylish options! How do you narrow it down? First, evaluate the basics. Will you be using it for real weather warmth? Are you looking for a grab-and-go option for the gym or errands? Be mindful of whether or not your hairline will show around the perimeter. If so, donning one of our Lace Front styles underneath is the way to go. Don’t forget, a favorite hat can be its own chameleon with a few accessories—think about adding a fun broach, colorful scarf, or felted flower. If you have the option, buy your hat a size larger than normal for easier removal.

Easy Does It

The ultimate trick to hat wearing is to secure the wig tightly and apply the hat loosely. Once you have your tresses in place, gently settle the hat onto your head. No crushing or smushing allowed! Adjust the angle to compliment you best—a little tweak, and you can go from all business to suave and sassy. Once you have the hat just so, carefully attach it to your wig with bobby pins. One or two on each side and another couple at the nape ought to do it.

Your Secret Weapon

Whether you’re wearing human hair or synthetic, static can be your biggest enemy when taking off your hat. Sneak a little bottle of anti frizz serum in your handbag, and use it to tame down those wild strands. Using a conditioning spray after shampooing your wig can be helpful for preventing static as well.

The Moment of Take Off

It’s perfectly acceptable to wear hats indoors these days in most situations, but you may want to take it off for comfort. Some hat wearers feel most at ease taking it off in a restroom with the help of a mirror. Simply remove the bobby pins and gently lift the hat off your head in the same angle at which it is resting. Then a quick check to make sure your wig is aligned properly, a smooth down with some serum, and you’re on your way.

You’re All Set

Now that you know the secrets, it’s time to shop for a great new look! Head to your nearest Envy retailer with a hat in hand, and see which styles suit you best. Enjoy mixing things up and staying warm this winter!

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