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It’s Positively Spring at Envy

April 1st, 2020

Is there any end to the blissful optimism that spring brings to every living creature? From being awoken by birdsong to witnessing a fresh breeze and daily emergence of color, reasons to be joyful and embrace the moment surround us.

The Envy team feels the same rush each and every time we launch a new line of styles. The months of research and creative energies bring together their own sense of spring as we complete photo sessions, finalize details, and begin to ship out the latest looks to our retailers. We relish in the anticipation shared by you and all the women who experience their own touch of Envy to their daily lives as the styles hit the streets.

This month we are happy to feature all our newest styles, including the much acclaimed additions to our petite collection, and our ever-popular Open Top collection.

From short and spunky to lush and glamorous, our newest styles combine the latest in hairstyle trends while still capturing that classic, timeless appeal you’ve come to expect from Envy. Show the world who’s boss with Ivy or amp up your sultry allure with Juliet. Or perhaps Nadia or Penelope are more your speed, but you’ve been waiting for them to appear in your perfect size. The wait is over!

Our coveted Open Top collection steps right into place with our spring moods. The delicate layer of gossamer lies against the scalp with the softness of a warm breeze and adds welcome stretch and support as you go about the day. Style these wigs to the left or to the right at your whim, and always step into the spring sunshine in confidence and beauty.

We just know you will find lots to love in Envy’s styles as they blossom forth and gift sunshine to our wearers across the world. Allow them to lend a new bounce to your step and a fresh feel to the start of your day or night. Envy has the looks you crave. Check out our online retailers to find the perfect Envy wig for you!

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