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Keeping Natural Hair Healthy

Wearing a wig is easy and fun.

It gives you the freedom to change your hair color and style on a moment’s notice. When you’re able to do that, it can be tempting to neglect your natural hair since you’re covering it up all the time. However, if you wear wigs over existing hair on a regular basis, it’s important to give attention that hair. You shouldn’t neglect your tresses. You want to keep your scalp, roots, and locks in healthy condition to avoid dryness, hair loss, thinning, and breakage. You only need take a handful of steps to do so.

Choose a wig with a breathable cap.

Your scalp and hair need access to air in order to stay moisturized. That’s important because the drier your hair gets, the more likely strands are to break. All of the collections here at Envy Wigs feature caps that allow air to circulate freely all the time. However, be sure to remove your wig before going to bed both for the sake of keeping your wig in the best possible condition and to give your scalp access to full oxygen.

Carefully wrap your hair under a wig.

If you’re regularly wearing a wig all day, make sure your natural hair is loosely wrapped in a comfortable position. Tightly pinning it or balling it up will strain your hair and lead to breakage. Breakage will cause your hair to grow more slowly.

Always dry your hair completely before putting your wig on.

Though it can save time to shove your damp hair under a wig, it’s not worth it. After washing your hair – yes, you need to keep washing your natural hair as if you weren’t wearing a wig – thoroughly dry it before donning your wig. Leaving your hair wet makes your hair susceptible to mildew and fungus as well as unpleasant smells. Similarly, if your hair gets really sweaty, be sure to shampoo and condition it before wearing your wig again.

Don’t overuse product.

Using a lightweight oil on your scalp will help keep your skin and hair moisturized but be careful not to overdo it. You don’t want to use so many products that it builds up on your scalp and clogs pores.

Maintain your trimming schedule.

Continue to get your natural hair trimmed every six-eight weeks (or on a schedule your hairstylist suggests) to keep it healthy and to keep it growing.

Following these basic steps will keep your natural hair in beautiful, luscious state. As an added bonus, deep condition your hair once every eight weeks to infuse it with moisture.

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