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Let’s talk Spring Style

April 15th, 2019

The birds are singing. The flowers are blooming. The weather is getting warmer, and we’re beginning to get a glimpse of the fresh new hairstyle trends that are making their way across the country. They are sure to add to a bounce to your step and a smile in the morning. Play along with a little Spring Style Bingo and see which of the following big trends you can spot as you go about your Envy lifestyle.


Ohhhh how we love it! Women are showing off soft and flattering silver everywhere we look, and why wouldn’t they? It embodies a brilliant combination of practicality with a little bit of sultry sophistication. Silver, once a favorite in accessories and embellishments has migrated north and compliments nearly all skin tones. Give it a try to see how gracefully it allows your best features to shine.

Pony Up

It doesn’t get any simpler than a low-slung ponytail, and that’s reason enough to give it a try. Loosely scoop up your tresses into a nape-hugging braid or pony with a simple clasp or band, muss up the front a bit for some face-framing wisps, and call your style done. You’ll look and feel carefree as you go about your day.

Bobs Rule

They’re classic, they’re solid, and they’re here to stay. Inarguably the most universally flattering style, bobs are everywhere. It’s fun to check out the variations, from collarbone length to chin length, and everything in between. Keep it sleek and shiny this spring, but don’t be afraid to top it off with a fun hat or scarf for that uber-fashionable retro look.

Bangs Are Back

Shattered and tousled or soft and swooping, bangs never fail to bring out the eyes and add a youthful effect to women of any age. And here’s the bonus of wearing bangs with a wig: they offer a bit more forgiveness when you’re trying to get everything lined up in front and make it that much easier to hide your natural hairline. This makes them perfect for beginning wig wearers or women on the go.

Clips, Barrettes, and Accessories

The more the better. Why wear one when you can gather 6 and really get creative with it? Runway-ready tresses are full of groupings of pins, bobbies, and clips that adorn the hair as a statement all on its own. Pick a side to highlight, sweep back a few tresses and add the sparkle in triplicate for a fresh look that is sure to turn heads.

At Envy we enjoy keeping things on trend and easy to wear. To find the look that fits you and your lifestyle to a T, head to your nearest Envy retailer to check out our new Spring styles and give them a try. You’ll be happy you did!

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