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Making Your Wig Work for You During the Holidays

November 14th, 2018

The holidays are approaching fast, and that means a busier schedule all around. Whether you’re heading out for a company dinner, preparing the house and table for an avalanche of relatives, or running around town finding the best Black Friday sales, wig-wearing can make your life a little easier. Here are a few tips from the pros on how to make your wig work for you!

Glam it Up

Your social calendar may be filled with a variety of engagements, ranging from casual to dressy. Bridge those gaps with accessories and various hair adornments. You can transform a long, layered look (such as Envy’s Belinda) into nighttime sophistication by gently sweeping up the sides into a decorative clip. To add an element of mystique, consider gathering your tresses to one side. If your destination is more casual, add a simple headband or a side ponytail with a little sparkle.

Double Down

If ever there was a time to buy a second wig, the holidays are it. Purchasing an identical version of your favorite just makes life easier all around. When it’s time to wash and style, not only do you save time and products, you’ll also save on water when it’s time to rinse. If you’re a once a week washer, you’ll find it such a relief to have two simple grab-and-go weeks ahead of you.

Pack It

Traveling with a wig can be a breeze if you think ahead and plan for the unexpected. We recommend a travel box for a great out-of-the-suitcase look. If you are traveling by plane, wear it on board (no worries about security lines—chances are you’re one of many wig wearers in the queue) or stash in your carry-on to avoid mishaps with missing or late luggage. Hotel room ice buckets can double as wig stands, or purchase a handy, folding travel version if you are always on the go. Our convenient set of travel size products will keep any on-the-road maintenance a cinch.

Ditch It

There are times during the rush that swapping your wig for a headscarf or wrap makes a lot of sense. If you’re busy in the kitchen, opening the oven constantly to check on Thanksgiving dishes (a definite no-no if you’re wearing synthetic), or cleaning house like a whirlwind, give the wig a rest. Just make sure to save a few minutes to put it back on and make things perfect before your guests arrive.

Following these quick tips will keep you stress-free (about your hair, anyway) and able to enjoy the season to the fullest. Happy holidays!

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