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April 13th, 2016

A new season is upon us and all the designers and magazines have released their lists of the newest, hottest trends for spring and summer 2016. There are lots of styles out there to choose from, but what the fashion mavens seem to agree on is this: you can’t go wrong with bangs! Long bangs, baby bangs, messy bangs, sleek bangs—anything goes!

There’s no better way to freshen your look than by adding a nice layer of fringe. Bangs can add instant style to an otherwise hum-drum do. They look good with long hair and short hair, on women of all ages and hair types. A sharp, straight bang can add drama and confidence, while long, piecey bangs can soften even the harshest profile. Add short bangs to a long hairstyle to create a striking look that will stand out in a crowd, or layer on longer, side-swept bangs to add a touch of femininity to short pixies and crops. Any way you cut it, bangs will bring your style up-to-date in a hurry.

Not quite ready to make the bang commitment? That’s where wigs step in! Try on a new be-fringed coiffe and wear it around for awhile to see if it really fits your personality. The best thing about wearing wigs is you can be as daring as you want and return to your familiar self the minute you feel like it. And you don’t have to worry about going back to the hairdresser to trim your bangs once they start falling into your eyes.

Looking for the perfect bang to get started? Make a statement with the long locks and bold bangs of our Taryn style, or go the soft, feminine route with McKenzie or Celeste. Madison’s artfully razored eyebrow-skimmers keep things sleek and sophisticated, while Kaitlyn’s wild curls add a touch of carefree messiness. Wanna go short and spunky? Miley’s choppy, asymmetric fringe gives a cool, hip vibe to the classic pixie.

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