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Have a “No Worries” November!

November 1st, 2016

It’s almost the holiday season…and as the temperatures drop, our commitments and social calendars tend to pick up. But one thing you don’t have to stress about is your winter style. In any of Envy’s smashing, fashion-forward wigs, you know you’ll look effortless and chic—just in time for the upcoming festivities. You’ll be gathering with friends and family you may not have seen in months, so why not take this opportunity to WOW them with a sassy new ‘do? ‘Tis the season for a brand new look, and Envy has exactly what you need!

This month, we’re featuring two of Envy’s most versatile collections—these styles offer the best of both worlds. If you’re a have-it-all kind of gal, then you’re going to love our Lace Front Mono Top collection. If you’re a have-it-all kind of gal, you’re going to love our Lace Front Mono Top collection. The natural-looking hairline of our exclusive Lace Front design lets you sweep your locks back from your face, while the unique technology of our Mono Top gives these wigs the look of a natural scalp. The cap is as soft and gentle as an autumn breeze, so you can wear each style from the early morning into the wee hours without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.

Our Lace Front styles mimic your natural hairline, right down to those wispy little hairs that frame your face. Just like more costly custom-made pieces, the graduated density of these styles begins with a finer appearance in the front and gradually increases as it reaches the crown. You can part it and style it like it was your own. Run your fingers through your bangs and trust that your Lace Front style looks believable, beautiful, and enviable…naturally.

You have enough to worry about. With an Envy Wig, your hair doesn’t have to be one of them. Visit your local Envy Wigs & Hair Add-Ons retailer to try on your favorite styles…and be sure to ask if they have any hot November deals on their Envy collection!

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