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Perfect Bangs Every Time: The Wig Advantage

September 12th, 2018

Bangs are back in a big way. Forget about the face shielding 70’s bangs or the gravity defying wings of the 80’s, the bangs that are hitting the runway this season are true compliments to the wearer; an alluring softness that brightens the eyes and highlights the cheekbones. If you’re a wig wearer, your options for ramping up your style couldn’t be better or easier than picking a great look from one of the Envy collections.

Here are a few guidelines for choosing a new ‘do with bangs:

Go No Fuss

Here’s a true-ism: You’ll always be happiest in a hairstyle that matches your lifestyle. Many people give up on bangs with their natural hair, because they can be hard to style, are constantly in a growing-out stage, and are subject to failure in real life conditions such as a sudden downpour, a top down ride in the convertible, or a mid-day workout. Consider these problems solved! If you want bangs that are weather resilient and lie in place perfectly each and every day, reach for synthetic. With a quick toss, you’ll be ready to go. If you’d like to enjoy styling different bang looks—maybe off to the side or straightened—choose a human hair style that will accommodate your mood of the day.

It’s All About the Eyes

The natural focal point of the face, this is where you’ll see the most difference with the addition of bangs. Pick a style and a color that will make your peepers pop. You’ll see the transformation immediately. If the bangs are too heavy, your eyes will appear to lose significance, but if the cut is just right, they will sparkle. Don’t be afraid to pump up your mascara efforts to bring the effect over the top.

Cheekbone Alert

Now pay attention to the cheekbones: Do they become more or less enhanced with the addition of bangs? If your face is square, reach for a wig that shags gently around the perimeter of the face. If it is heart-shaped steer away from heavy bangs, and opt for a more wispy look. Round faces benefit from side-swept styles or longer tresses around the face. If oval is your shape, you can likely pull off any of the looks with ease. (Need help determining your face shape? We have an article to help out with that!)

A Few to Get You Started

We have a multitude of Envy styles with bangs that will be sure to please. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Alyssa is sure to please with her wispy, face framing lengths.
  • Can’t go wrong with Carley’s classic bob.
  • If you like a longer, cascading look, Brooke is your lady.
  • Punch up the charm with Angel’s piecey pixie.
  • Kaitlyn’s curly eyebrow skimmers are sure to turn heads.
  • Get a bit edgy with Taryn’s razor-sharp fringe.

Want to try on a few styles to see how the bang look fits your groove? Head to your nearest Envy retailer today and get yourself runway-ready for fall!

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