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Ring in the New Year with Envy Wigs

January 5th, 2015

Take a deep breath. It’s a new year, and the air is a little different. Two thousand and fourteen is behind us, and who knows what lies ahead? When the calendar flips from year to year, many of us think about change. That’s definitely true at Envy Wigs; we’ve recently released eight brand new styles for our 2014 Winter Collection. The addition means our customers have more high quality and fashionable styles to choose from. Everyone wins.

Here’s the thing about change: it doesn’t have to be drastic to make a difference in your attitude and outlook. Something as small as wearing a different shade of nail polish or taking a surface street rather than a highway during your commute can be just the lift your spirit needs. We all need to shake it up once in a while and break routine. Making long-lasting alterations to your hair such as dying it or dramatically changing the length can be too much to think about; however, you can give yourself a temporary makeover by turning to wigs.

Envy Wigs is here to help you transform. Whether you want to switch your hair color, length, or texture, we’ve got multiple styles to fit whatever you’re dreaming of. Be bold and put on one of our latest Open Top styles, Shari. It’s a short and layered cut with sweeping bangs that has a classy but fun appearance. It’s available in over 20 colors.

Want to go long and slightly wavy? No problem. Our new Mono Top look Celeste reaches past the shoulders in a feathery, timeless cut. This style has relaxed bangs and comes in over 20 colors as well. The Mono Top construction means the utmost in styling flexibility is all yours.

Those are just a couple of examples of the wide selection we offer at Envy Wigs. The best way to start your transformation is to find the Envy Wigs retailer nearest you using our store locator. Work with an experienced wig consultant to try on as many styles and colors as you wish. Don’t forget to ask your consultant if the store is running any specials on Envy Wigs.

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