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Selecting the Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

One of the great things about wearing a wig is that you can easily try out different hairstyles. When you want to change the style of your natural hair, you tell your stylist what you want, then you hope it turns out the way you’ve imagined it will look. With one or more wigs, though, you can wear a different style and see how it really looks and feels before you make irreversible changes to your own hair.

Before we talk about hairstyles, you need to determine your face shape. Understanding the lines, angles, and curves of your bone structure will enable you to choose a hairstyle that works with your facial structure. There’s a lot to consider, including the styles you like, those that suit your lifestyle, what flatters your facial features, and styles that reflect your personal taste. The basic starting point, and the most crucial factor, is the shape of your face.

If you’re having trouble visualizing the shape of your face, try this: facing a mirror, trace the outline of your face on the mirror with lipstick! Then step back and look at the shape: Is it heart-shaped, long, oval, pear-shaped, rectangular, round, or square? Here are a few style tips for each facial shape.

1. Heart Shape

Defined by a wide forehead and a narrow chin, a heart-shaped face needs focus drawn to eyes and cheekbones. Avoid short, blunt-cut bangs and short layers. Try a bouncy bob; a pixie with soft, side-swept bangs; long hair with a clearly defined side part and side-swept bangs; or long, soft, layers, with a bit of hair falling between the ears and the nose, longer layers around the chin, and waves only below the ears

2. Long

Avoid hair that’s too long or too straight, as well as pixie cut styles. Focus on adding volume with chin-length bobs, wavy and curly hair, and brow-skimming bangs.

3. Oval

An oval-shaped face can pull off nearly any hairstyle, so experiment away! Try blunt bangs; a collarbone-grazing bob with side-swept bangs; shoulder-length or longer hair with a center part and some soft waves; or a sexy, edgy short cut that will definitely draw attention!

4. Pear Shaped

A narrow forehead, wider jawlines, and a round chin make for a pear-shaped face. Teased layers add width at the forehead and temples, providing volume and creating the illusion of an oval-shaped face.

5. Rectangular

A rectangular face is similar to a long face, but has a square jawline. Go for layers around the chin, lots and lots of volume on top, and some volume on the sides.

6. Round

Less volume around the face will make a round face appear longer and leaner. Keep the hair flat on the side. A shoulder length haircut with soft graduated layers looks great on a round face. If bangs suit, keep them long and swept to the side. Or try an angled bob, with long layers that sweep along the chin, shortening toward the nape of the neck; an asymmetrical style (uneven, with a mix of lengths), perhaps with a deep side part and long, side-swept bangs; a defined pixie to emphasize the cheekbones and eyes; a center part with layers that hit at the jawline and a few inches below the shoulders; an above-the-shoulders bob that has soft layers and is intentionally worn “mussed”; or a sleek ponytail secured at or above the ears.

7. Square

Avoid blunt-cut bangs and chin-length styles. A square face with a strong, angular jaw is well suited to a lot of texture, curls, choppy ends, short spiky styles, or softer styles like wispy bangs, layers and curls. Try a soft, tapered, thinned-out bob that hits right around the chin; a tousled shag with body to emphasize layers; wavy ends from the ears down; or really long and straight.

There are various websites that allow you to upload your photo then “try out” different styles and colors. That’s a great way to play with all your options! And whatever you decide to try in real life, there’s an Envy Wig or two that will be a perfect fit for you, at an affordable price. Check our store locator to find either an online retailer or one in your local area.



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