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Show Your Stylist Some Love This Month

April 15th, 2017

Did you know April 30th is National Hairstylist Appreciation Day? There’s nothing like finding the perfect hairstylist…the one that just gets you and your style. Is there anything we wouldn’t do for the person who helps us look our very best? In honor of all those stylists who make us feel beautiful and confident—whether they’re styling our natural hair or our wigs—we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to make your salon experience more enjoyable…and your hairstylist’s job a bit easier.

Know What Services They Offer

Many people don’t realize that most salons will style wigs, as well as natural hair. While you can typically wear a wig fresh out of the box, a hairstylist will be able to trim it to fit your face perfectly.

Don’t Be Late

Your time is precious, and so is your stylist’s. If you’re running late, call the salon ASAP so they can plan their day accordingly—and be open to the possibility they may need to reschedule your appointment. Stylists often try to build in a few spare minutes in case clients run over, but any delays can set their whole day behind.

Communicate Clearly

Tell your stylist about your hair or wig, how you style it, and what cut you want. Communication ensures that your stylist will understand the vision you have for your hair, and it also makes sure the cut you receive works with your lifestyle. If you usually take 10 minutes to do your hair, the last thing you want is a new style that takes 20 minutes to get just right. And if there’s anything you specifically don’t want, be sure to tell them that, too.

Bring Pictures

This tip falls in line with communication, but the more a stylist understands the cut you want, the better. Try and be as specific as possible and show pictures of the style from different angles. This ensures the best possible outcome, and hopefully a cut you’re happy with. But also be sure to listen to your stylist’s comments and suggestions. A good stylist will try to give you what you want, but they’ll also know best when certain styles or cuts may not be best for your hair or wig.

Don’t Forget to Tip!

If you’re happy with your style, be sure to tip! 15%-20% is pretty standard in the US. The same goes for the stylist’s assistant—did they give you a nice cup of coffee while you were waiting or a relaxing scalp massage while they shampooed your hair? Tip them whatever you’re comfortable with, but $5-$40 (depending on services and quality) is fairly standard. And if you aren’t happy with your style or salon experience, tipping is certainly not expected. But be sure to tell your stylist why you were dissatisfied (nicely, of course). They can’t fix what they don’t know about!

So, when April 30th rolls around (or your next appointment comes up), show your stylist how much you appreciate them! After all, if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t look nearly as fabulous as we do.

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