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Spice Up Your October

October 1st, 2020

Is it possible that the weather is getting crisper while the Envy styles are getting hot, hot, hotter? Oh, yes indeed, it IS possible! We’ve lined up some of our absolute Envy fall faves to highlight this month, and you are sure to love them.

Take, for instance, our Hair Add Ons. These little gems transform your look in seconds. They are perfect for individuals wanting to boost up volume, add a bit of coverage, or both! They’re available in 10 of our most popular colors and are carefully crafted to blend in with your natural hair seamlessly. You can even have them trimmed for a look all your own.

Next up on the hot list are our Envyhair™ styles. This proprietary blend boasts 70% heat-friendly fibers paired with 30% human hair and allows you to heat-set, curl, straighten, and comb the tresses to your heart’s content. Each strand is hand tied into a luxuriously soft cap that stays cool and comfortable even on the most sensitive scalp. Embrace the falling temps with the long, luscious styles of Selena or Veronica!

Round up the heat by checking out our Open Top collection. Designed with ultimate style and comfort in mind, these wigs combine a delicate layer of gossamer with stretchy netting to keep your locks in place and comfy all day. Mila’s witchy waves should be just the trick for the chilly October weather. Style to the left or right, you’ll be covered and confident!

Now is the time to enjoy the falling temperature and the sizzling styles. How can you transform your look for the new season? It’s easy—head to your nearest retailer and enjoy all that Envy has to offer!

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