E Report / Sep 4th, 2014

It Starts at the Top

Wearing a wig can make you feel more confident. If you step out the front door feeling good about yourself, the world is an easier place to face, and it all starts at the top. Here at Envy Wigs, we want to help put your mind at ease by offering quality, flexibility, and choices. To that end, we offer a variety of collections, lengths, and colors for you to choose from.

For example, take our Lace Front Mono Top styles. The wigs in this collection – Angie, Bobbi, Brianna, Jeannie, Micki, Rylee, Taylor, and Tina – featuring hairstyles ranging from long and curly to a short and straight pixie cut. Besides the impressive variety, Lace Front Mono Top wigs are designed to blend in from all angles. Our exclusive lace front design gives our wigs a natural as can be looking hairline that means the wigs can be swept back without a trace. The unique technology of our Mono Top design even makes the scalp look natural so hair can be parted and styled different ways. The caps in this collection are lightweight and soft as a breeze. You can wear these wigs for hours even if you have a sensitive scalp.

Our Open Top Styles also offer styling flexibility. Offered in ten different cuts, the collection features sweeping short hairstyles, bobs, and face-framing options. Each one was created and manufactured with style and comfort in mind. They can be styled to the left or right to allow for maximum versatility so you can make them work for any occasion – a day in the office or a night on the town. The cap features a delicate layer of gossamer and petal-patterned netting for unparalleled stretch and support. The netting is dyed in a complementary shade for complete coverage.

For the best wig experience, we recommend using our store locator and visiting your local Envy Wigs retailer to speak with a wig consultant. He or she can help you try on our Lace Front Mono Top styles, Open Top styles, and more so you can understand what works best for you. While you’re there, don’t forget to ask the store whether they are running any specials!


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Words of Wigdom
The secret to a perfectly natural look is a slightly imperfect part, says Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton. “Gently reposition strands along the part line or snip a few wispy pieces using manicure scissors—AND some restraint—for a slightly messy part that looks all your own.”

Words of Wigdom™
“Throughout my 20-year career, women’s comfort has always been at the top of my mind,” says Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton, whose Stretch Cap Technology hugs the perimeter while eliminating pressure points for maximum comfort.”

Words of Wigdom™
For first-time wig wearers, “The trick is to stay close to the color of your eyebrows,” notes Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton. If not, “then consider dyeing your eyebrows to match your chosen wig color.”

Words of Wigdom™
“Few people know that wigs can be styled just like natural hair—and that most hairstylists are happy to give your wig a custom cut,” says Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton. “Trimming bangs and shaping to your exact specifications can help make your wig indecipherable from your own natural hair.”

Words of Wigdom™
“The “Grey Hair, Don’t Care” trend—which saw women embracing their grey—is stronger than ever. And not just with the over-50 crowd. “Silver is chic, edgy and looks great on almost anyone,” says Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton, who offers nearly every EnvyHair™ and synthetic style in 3 multi-dimensional grey shades.”

Words of Wigdom™