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How to Make Wig Shopping Easier While Undergoing Medical Treatment

The mere thought of shopping for a wig while undergoing medical treatment such as chemotherapy can evoke a myriad of emotions. Women who are already navigating the sudden reality of doctor’s appointments, questions from friends and family, physical fatigue, and a new routine can find themselves easily overwhelmed. And, of course, the accompanying hair loss carries an emotional toll that can come as a surprise to many women. Although an “it’s just hair” mentality may be urged by family and friends, the loss of your beloved tresses can feel threatening to your sense of self, confidence, and femininity. It is not an easy or enviable path to travel, but there are some proven ways to make the process easier and less traumatic.

Create a wish list of styles.

This is the first baby step to being mentally prepared for a wig shopping excursion. Some women opt for choosing a look that is very similar to their natural hair, while others take the opportunity to broaden their horizon and try new colors or styles. Spend some time looking through various options and saving images of hairstyles that you like. If you have a trusted stylist, a consultation with them will often help set your mind at ease. They have, no doubt, seen the cycle with other clients and can offer good advice and more comfort than you might imagine.

Set a budget.

Natural-looking wigs run the gamut when it comes to pricing and can accommodate any budget from meager to extravagant. Assessing your desires regarding synthetic, human hair, or a blend (such as Envyhair) can act as a first step in figuring out what you can expect to spend. Also consider your lifestyle and routines, and ask yourself if the convenience and peace of mind of having two wigs to choose from is right for you. Many women enjoy having a fresh wig at the ready to cut down on the care tasks such as washing and styling. Do yourself a favor, and don’t let any perceived timeline of how long you’ll need to wear a wig impact your spending. The growing back stage of natural hair is subject to many variables, and you will feel decidedly less anxious about all that if you have invested in a wig that makes you feel like you for the duration.

Be proactive.

Choosing a wig while you still have hair and energy has many benefits. Psychologically, it allows you to put the realm of wigs into something that you are controlling rather than waiting for the inevitable. It also alleviates many fears about how a wig will look, feel, and perform in your daily life. Being in charge of these aspects can be extremely empowering and uplifting. From a practical standpoint, taking on the shopping task when you are still feeling yourself is just nicer all around.

Invite a friend for the occasion.

Having a good friend along makes even the most difficult tasks better. Is there someone in your life that buoys your spirits no matter how low you are? That gives you honest feedback but also manages to make you see your beauty when you might not see it yourself? Call them up and ask for their help—we guarantee they’re looking for a way to offer you support, anyway. Chances are, throughout the experience, there will be some moments of laughter and a few with tears, but the time shared will be important and meaningful to both of you.

Consider throwing a shave party.

This is another instance where planning ahead can make things a little bit easier, emotionally. Invite a few close friends over, pour the wine, and bring out the razor. Many women find that controlling when, where, and how they say goodbye to their locks is preferable to a wait-and-see approach. Then again, other women wish to wait until the last possible moment. Only you will know the best route for your unique personality.

Find a support group.

Finally, it can be extremely comforting to know—really know—that you’re not going through this alone. No matter what has led to your hair loss, there are people out there who are experiencing or have experienced the same thing. Find a support group you feel comfortable with, and talk to them about their experiences and transitions to wig wearing. They are sure to help prepare you emotionally and will undoubtedly have lots of sound advice regarding where to shop and what to look for.

It is important to us at Envy that our clients have access to comfortable, fashionable wig options in a variety of styles and price points. Every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful, no matter what they may be going through. We wish you the best on your wig wearing journey!

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