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Tips for Making Your Wig Look as Natural as Possible

March 14th, 2018

Have you noticed? Wigs are making a huge comeback! Gone are the days when women felt shy about stepping out in public in a wig. You used to have to spend lots of your hard-earned money to own a hairpiece that looked and felt enough like natural hair to not be noticed. Luckily, the beauty industry caught up with our demands, and nowadays it’s almost impossible to tell whether or not a woman is wearing a wig or sporting her real hair.

There are a few things you can do, though, to ensure your wigs and hair add-ons look as natural as possible. This month, we bring you a list of our favorite tips and tricks to help you keep your wigs looking as fabulous—and realistic—as possible.


Natural hair is never just one color—if you wear a wig that’s all one hue or tone, it will look flat and fake. Your natural hair has layers of hues and rooted colors that give it dimension. Many of Envy’s wigs come in a range of multi-dimensional colorations—including six rooted colors. If you choose to go with a non-rooted color, it is possible to dye the root of your wig to look more natural, giving it the illusion of natural hair growth. Take your wig to a professional hairstylist for the best results!

Lace Front/ Monofilament

Wigs with a lace front and monofilament base mimic the look of a natural hairline and hair growth, which is an important feature when you’re looking for a wig that has the most realistic appearance. It’s the wispy hairs framing your face, along the hairline, that the lace front technology replicates, meaning you can sweep your hair out of your face, and you won’t get that super unrealistic, flat line that other wigs show. A monofilament base is made from hand-tied filaments, tied one at a time to replicate natural, all-over growth (as opposed to wefting, which can lead to unnatural clumps and lines). At Envy, our Mono Top, Lace Front, and Lace Front Mono Top collections are quite popular, with dozens of modern, fashion-forward styles to choose from.

Wig Placement

This, perhaps, is one of the most important tips when it comes to making your wig look as close to real hair as possible. Your wig can be made from the most realistic fibers in the latest, most natural constructions, but if it isn’t fitted properly, you’ll give the whole game away. Choose a wig that fits perfectly (our article “How to Choose Your Perfect Wig” has a few tips), and pair it with a wig cap to keep everything in place. Nothing says “fake hair” like seeing someone reach up to adjust their ‘do every few seconds!

Blend, Blend, Blend!

If you have natural hair and just want a little oomph, try incorporating a hair add-on into your style. Choose a color and texture that compliments your real hair, attach where needed, and blend the strands with your own to create lift, length, body, and fullness. Envy’s Hair Add-ons are available in our 10 most popular colors—the lightest tones are made from human hair with synthetic strands blended in to achieve the most natural-looking colorations. Give them a try!

Wig Care

Caring for your wig is always important, but especially if you are trying to maintain its natural appearance. Properly cleaning your wig and using the necessary products will prevent it from looking dry, frizzy, and “plasticky,” all of which create an unnatural look. And be sure to store your wig on a wig stand when you’re not wearing it, to help keep its shape. Read more about how to take the best care of your wig here.

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