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Tips for Styling Heat-Friendly Wigs

Wigs allow us to change up our style from day to day. But did you know you can change up the style of your wig? Heat-friendly wigs are especially versatile, as they can be curled or straightened, giving you endless options to choose from. Just like your natural hair, though, wigs can be damaged if they’re styled improperly. Follow these tips to achieving your desired look…while making sure you keep your wig looking its best!

Wig Prep

  • Invest in a wig block head.
    If you regularly style your wig, this is a must have. Wig block heads typically come in styrofoam or canvas and allow you to easily secure your wig in place while styling it from all angles.
  • Brush your wig.
    Before styling, gently brush your wig to remove any tangles and kinks. Begin by using a wide tooth comb or a wire wig brush—never use your personal hair brush, as your natural hair’s oils can damage the wig fibers. Gradually brush from the end to the roots using short, lifting strokes if your wig is curly or wavy, or long, even strokes if your wig is straight. If your wig is long with ringlet-like curls, use a pick comb or your fingers in gentle lifting movements.
  • Style your wig when dry.
    It’s important to wash your wig regularly, but never style it when it’s wet. Water stretches the wig fibers, making them much easier to damage. In addition, styling a wig when wet often leads to an overall inconsistent look you probably won’t be happy with.


Whichever tool you choose to curl your wig, it’s best to use a wig spray before you start. This helps the curls look more natural and less “crunchy.”

  • Hot Rollers
    Hot rollers are a great choice if you’re looking for that perfect, bouncy curl. To start, separate the entire wig into 2” sections and roll onto hot rollers from the ends of the hair up. Let the rollers completely cool before you remove them—the longer you leave them in, the better the curl will set.
  • Steam
    Steam styling your wig is a great option, as it can be done to regular synthetic and heat-friendly wigs, alike. It’s gentle on the fibers and delivers smooth, lasting results. Wrap a 1-2” section of hair around a foam roller, dowel rod, or the completely cooled barrel of an unplugged curling iron. Using a hand-held clothing steamer, steam the hair for at least five seconds. Gently remove hair from the roller and move to the next section. Let the wig dry completely before wearing.
  • Curling Irons
    Curling irons can reach extremely high temperatures, so exercise extra caution when using this method. Most heat-friendly wigs have a recommended temperature limit, so make sure you do not set your iron any higher than the max. It’s also a good idea to use a heat protection balm or spray. Begin by separating the hair into sections and curl on low heat. Raise the temperature in small increments, if necessary, to achieve your desired style.


  • Blow Dryer
    This is one of the quickest, easiest ways to create that sleek, voluminous, salon blowout style. Separate the hair into 1-2” sections and mist fully dried wig with a light layer of water to prevent it from overheating. Using a wide toothed comb or brush, begin at the roots of the wig, with the bristles underneath the fibers. Slowly move the brush down to the ends while you blow dry at a lower temperature.
  • Steam
    Using steam heat is great for straightening your wig’s hair, as well as curling it. Separate the hair into sections and gently pull the hair straight with a comb. Slowly run the steamer down the length of each section, taking care not to get too close to the fibers. This may take a few passes with the steamer to get the look pin-straight, but it’s one of the safest and most gentle methods you can use to style your wig.
  • Flat iron
    As with a curling iron, it’s important to pay attention to the heat setting on your flat iron and take care you don’t exceed your wig’s maximum temperature limit. Start by separating the hair into layers, then into 2” sections. Spray with a light layer of water to protect the fibers, set your iron to the lowest setting, and begin straightening like you would your natural hair. Increase the temperature in small increments, if necessary, to achieve your desired style. Once you are done, let your wig cool completely, and comb through gently.

Looking for the perfect wig to try out these handy styling tips? With built-in moisture control properties that withstand temperatures up to 365°F (180°C), our exclusive line of Envyhair™ wigs look, feel, act, and style just like human hair. Visit your local Envy Wigs retailer to find your new heat-friendly look.

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