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Treat Yourself in June

June 1st, 2021

The good ole summertime has arrived, and as we all look forward to barbeques, picnics, and pool time you can also look forward to sporting incredible styles from Envy.

You can be sure that your wig wearing secret is yours to keep, no matter what the activity, with our Mono Part styles. A natural look is achievable from any angle thanks to hand-tied strands at the part, and the breathable cap means you will feel breezy and comfortable every day of the week.

Our Mono Top styles combine quality construction, hand-tied fibers that mimic natural hair growth, and incredible style. You are sure to appreciate being able to tie strands back during a sweltering summer day and the lightweight, carefree feeling of the breathable cap.

When it comes to looking and feeling cool, look no further than our OpenTop styles. A delicate layer of gossamer lies softly against the scalp, inviting the air to circulate and refresh. The petal-patterned netting adds stretch and support and allows you to never worry about slippage or being askew.

And here’s a bit of myth-busting for you: Long hair doesn’t mean being uncomfortable in the summer! Enjoy the lengthy, sleek tresses of some of our favorite ladies, McKenzie, Maya, and Taryn, from the first day of summer till the last. Just accessorize with a cute sun hat, or tie it to the side with an alluring bow. When the evening comes, release those strands for a casual, romantic look.

Not to be outdone, the mid-length waves of Brittaney boast ultimate versatility as they are just long enough to gather and secure at the nape for a fashion-friendly air of casual charm. If you want to never worry about errant strands, try out Miley. Her scalp-hugging layers are just long enough to be on trend and easy to care for.

Make this summer all about you! Celebrate your perfect Envy look and all the compliments that go along with it. Visit your favorite Envy Wigs retailer to try on a few summer styles today!

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