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Wearing Wigs with Confidence

There are as many reasons for wearing a wig as colors and styles available here at Envy Wigs. Depending on the reason, getting used to wearing a wig may be accompanied by a variety of emotions, especially when the wearer is experiencing hair loss due to a medical condition.

In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let’s explore making wig wearing a comfortable experience, both physically and emotionally.

Hair Loss is Emotional

The partial or complete loss of your natural hair can be a roller coaster of emotions. Some find that the loss of hair ranks low in the new reality of dealing with the myriad of other life changes that a diagnosis can bring; others realize that much of their identity is intimately connected with their natural hair and can mourn the loss greatly. Experiencing fear of the unknown, challenges to self esteem, heightened anxiety, frustration, and anger are all on the list of what individuals commonly face when going through hair loss. For many, wearing a wig can help alleviate some of the emotional burden that comes with hair loss.

Gauge Your Comfort Level

Take a little time to think about your comfort level with the idea of wig wearing. Are you wishing for a hair replacement that is most like your natural hairstyle and color? This can certainly help achieve a seamless transition as you begin to lose your hair. Or, perhaps you’re ready to use your hair loss as a way to strike out boldly, changing looks and colors on a whim. Both options are equally acceptable, and the beauty is that any choice you make does not have to be permanent.

Do Trial Runs at Home

Many people have anxiety about wearing wigs out in public for the first time. You can ease these fears by taking a few days to practice wearing your new look in the privacy of your home. Mimic things that you typically will do out in the world, such as taking on and off jackets or coats, reaching for the seatbelt, carrying bags, etc. This will help build confidence, as you become comfortable in the knowledge that your wig will stay put exactly as you intended.

Continue testing the waters gently—make your first trips out of the house brief, and pick places where you’ll feel more incognito. Chances are, these little ventures out will lead to greater and greater confidence, and you’ll soon be breezing all over town in your wig.

Prepare Yourself for Questions, Compliments, and Nothing at All

Whether you’re out and about with friends, at work, or running errands, you may have people comment on your new look. Have a few answers in mind for those who know you are going through medical challenges, as well as for those who don’t. Mentally rehearsing how you will respond to common questions can help greatly during the moments you are asked.

Be ready for compliments. It may seem awkward at first to accept a compliment on hair you weren’t born with, but by following the same rules of graciousness that you would with any other compliment you receive, you’ll be sure to sail through.

Be aware that some people either won’t notice any change at all or will err on the side of not saying anything rather than risk saying the wrong thing…and that’s fine too.

You’re Still You

With or without your natural hair, you are still you. It’s a simple but important concept to grasp. The things that make you special and unique are not defined by or limited to what is or isn’t on your head. This can be a freeing truth once you’ve had a chance to acclimate and embrace it.

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