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We’re Just Saying “No”

February 13th, 2019

NO. NO. NO and NO.

Nobody likes a Yes Man. We’re here to answer your top four wig questions with a resounding NO. We know you’re out there lingering on the wig-wearing margins. Maybe you’ve tried a few or admired one on a friend but can never quite decide if the time is right. There are a few common things every potential wig wearer wants to know, and we’re here to give you the answers you’re looking for!

Will My Wig Fall Off?

NO. This is most people’s #1 fear, and we understand! No one wants to contemplate being out and about in public and suddenly having their wig fall off, blow off, tip off, or be otherwise separated from their person. There are numerous ways to secure your wig—do a little research, choose which one is right for you, and go about your day in confidence.

Are Wigs Uncomfortable?

NO. Wigs of yesteryear often got a bad rap for being uncomfortable, scratchy, annoying, hot….you name it. The good news is that wigs have come a long way, and the advancements in materials and manufacturing mean well-made wigs lay smoothly, silkily, and securely upon your head, leaving you to go about your everyday life in style and comfort.

Will People Know It’s a Wig?

NO. By integrating masterful craftsmanship and superior materials (such as with any of our Envy collections), you can enjoy locks that are indistinguishable from natural hair. Take our Lace Front Mono Top collection for example. The lace front cap imitates a beautiful natural hairline while the mono top construction lends itself to seamlessly changing your part on a whim, or even pulling your tresses back into a casual ponytail.

Will it Break the Bank?

The answer? You’ve guessed it—NO. There are a wide variety of styles and price points available in all our Envy Wigs collections that are sure to please any budget. In general, synthetic hair is the least spendy option and, for newbies, is a nice introduction to the world of wig wearing. Synthetic/human hair blends, like our Envyhair™ styles, have slightly higher price points, but have the added benefit of stylability. Envyhair, for instance, can withstand temperatures up to 356°F, meaning you can use your hair dryer, flat iron, and curlers with these wigs. Human hair wigs follow as the top tier option, and combine all the beauty of natural hair with the ease of wearing of a wig. Keep in mind—no matter the price point, you’re sure to get your money’s worth so long as you maintain your wigs properly and only use products specially formulated for wigs.

Now to Sum Everything up With a Yes!

YES you can wear a wig securely!
YES you can wear a wig in comfort!
YES you can wear a wig in confidence!
YES you can afford the perfect Envy wig for you!

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