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Wigs on the Go: Travel Made Easy

May 15th, 2018

What are your summer travel plans? Whether you’re heading for the beach or the city, by car or by plane, following these tips will help make looking good on the go easy and fun.

Packing Your Bags

Start off right with the Envy Travel Size Kit. It includes the 4 essentials: Wash-N-Wear Shampoo, Tangle Tamer Conditioner, Shine On Lusterizer, and Freeze Frame Hair Spray. The 2 oz sizes are perfect for keeping your tresses looking their best and getting you through airport security.

If you’re planning on packing your primary wig or an alternate style in your bags, you can do it a few different ways. If you travel frequently, consider purchasing a bag or case specifically designed with travel in mind. Or as a simple alternative, grab a ziplock bag and a drinking straw. Turn your wig inside out, tucking and wrapping the length neatly. Place the wig in the bag and begin to seal, slipping the straw in at the corner. When the bag is sealed to the straw, blow up the bag a bit, slip the straw out and finish sealing. Now your wig is safely encased in its own little protective bubble.

You can pack your wig bag into checked luggage or carry-on, but keep in mind sometimes those checked bags don’t always make it to your final destination in a timely manner. If you’re traveling by car in warm temperatures, keep your wig in a place where you can conveniently grab it—don’t leave it in a hot car for any extended amount of time, or you’ll risk damaging it.

Getting to Your Destination

If you’re wearing your wig while flying, there’s no reason to stress about getting through security. The scan will go over your wig just like an item of clothing and, chances are, you will breeze through without a single blip. The TSA agents may do a pat down over your head in their cursory, quick way, as they would with someone wearing hair clips or headbands. The only time you would need to take off your wig for TSA would be if they suspect you are concealing something underneath. In that very unlikely case, you would be taken to a room where you would be able to take it off and replace it in privacy.

While You’re Vacationing

Embrace and enjoy. Vacation is a great time to try one of Envy’s new styles and see how it fits your personality and lifestyle. Bring a few hats for protection from sunny rays and to keep you cool. If you go without your wig for water activities, be sure to apply generous amounts of sunscreen to keep your tender scalp from getting burned.

If you have a folding wig stand, be sure to bring it along! If not, no worries— you can use an ice bucket or even a lamp shade as an improvised resting spot. Adjust your normal maintenance schedule to match your needs. Depending on your level of activity and the heat, you may need to wash and style more frequently, or you may be able to leave an extra few days in between.

No matter what your destination, Envy’s summer styles will give you an easy, carefree look and keep you looking amazing for those vacation pics!

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