E Report / Nov 1st, 2023

5 Secrets to The Most Natural Looking Lace Front

As advanced as today’s Lace Front technology is, your wig can still give you away (especially to other wig wearers!) if you don’t follow these simple tips.

1. Measure, Measure, Measure

No one will mistake a wig for your natural hair if it’s the wrong size! So take proper measurements (including CIRCUMFERENCE, FRONT TO BACK, AND EAR-TO-EAR) and carry them when wig shopping. Different wig brands have different sizing, so you can’t blindly assume you’re always Petite, Average, or Large.

2. Tweeze Your Lace Front

A little custom plucking makes your wig’s hairline naturally imperfect AND more like your own for a truly seamless look.

  • Take pictures of your own hairline (front and sides) for reference.
  • Secure the wig to a mannequin head and comb the hair back. (Some people prefer to wet fibers first.)
  • Start at your hairline, just above your ear, and work your way to the middle. And make sure to pluck the hair, not the lace (you could rip it).

3. Choose a Rooted Shade

ROOTED SHADES’ darker roots mimic the look of natural hair growth—adding an extra layer of realism to today’s multi-dimensional shades. Explore all of ENVY’s Rooted Colors here—and when choosing one, make sure the root color goes with your eyebrows and skin tone.

ENVY’s 12 NEW Rooted Shades give  you more ways to express yourself—while never giving your secret away.

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4. Get a Custom Cut

There are many things a stylist can do to make a wig look more natural, including trimming,  thinning (to remove excess bulk) and reshaping  (to better suit your face shape). But it’s important that your stylist has experience cutting wigs— because unlike your own hair, it won’t grow back.

5. Blend With Makeup at The Hairline

You can make your Lace Front “disappear” by matching it to your own skin tone. After putting your wig on, use a small, soft brush to apply foundation to the lace. You don’t need a lot—you’re just tinting the lace, not “painting” it. (This trick can also be used along your wig’s part.)

Visit envywigs.com for more tips to make ENVY Wigs your own. And enjoy the next-level confidence that comes from no one knowing you’re wearing a wig.

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Words of Wigdom
The secret to a perfectly natural look is a slightly imperfect part, says Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton. “Gently reposition strands along the part line or snip a few wispy pieces using manicure scissors—AND some restraint—for a slightly messy part that looks all your own.”

Words of Wigdom™
“Throughout my 20-year career, women’s comfort has always been at the top of my mind,” says Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton, whose Stretch Cap Technology hugs the perimeter while eliminating pressure points for maximum comfort.”

Words of Wigdom™
For first-time wig wearers, “The trick is to stay close to the color of your eyebrows,” notes Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton. If not, “then consider dyeing your eyebrows to match your chosen wig color.”

Words of Wigdom™
“Few people know that wigs can be styled just like natural hair—and that most hairstylists are happy to give your wig a custom cut,” says Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton. “Trimming bangs and shaping to your exact specifications can help make your wig indecipherable from your own natural hair.”

Words of Wigdom™
“The “Grey Hair, Don’t Care” trend—which saw women embracing their grey—is stronger than ever. And not just with the over-50 crowd. “Silver is chic, edgy and looks great on almost anyone,” says Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton, who offers nearly every EnvyHair™ and synthetic style in 3 multi-dimensional grey shades.”

Words of Wigdom™