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Discover ENVY’s latest product launches PLUS tips, tricks & tutorials that can help you “Live Your Hair to the Fullest.”

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Product Launches

EnvyHair™ Spring 2023 Webinar

EnvyHair™ Spring 2023 Launch

2023 Synthetic Toppers Webinar

ENVY Fall 2022 Launch

“For Every Shade of You” Color 2022 Launch

EnvyHair™ Brand Video

ENVY Fall 2021 Launch

Product Guides

Best Style for Your Face Shape

Measuring Your Head

Solutions for Sensitive Scalps

Lace Front Mono Part Construction

Lace Front Mono Top Construction

Lace Front Construction

Mono Top Construction

Open Top Construction

Basic Cap Construction

Choosing your Fiber

Customizing Your Wigs Fit

Cutting Your Bangs

Flip Styles

Curly Styles

Short Styles

Heat Styling

EnvyHair™ Heat-Styling: Blow Dryer

EnvyHair™ Heat-Styling: Curling Iron

EnvyHair™ Heat-Styling: Flat Iron

EnvyHair™ Heat-Styling: Steamer

EnvyHair™ Heat-Styling: Rollers

1 Style 3 Looks

1 Style 3 Looks BILLIE

1 Style 3 Looks LISA

1 Style 3 Looks PAULA

1 Style 3 Looks ABBEY

1 Style 3 Looks AUBREY

1 Style 3 Looks CHELSEA

1 Style 3 Looks DESTINY

1 Style 3 Looks KYLIE

1 Style 3 Looks LYNSEY

1 Style 3 Looks SHYLA

1 Style 3 Looks VERONICA

1 Style 3 Looks ZOEY

Wig Care

Caring for EnvyHair™️

Caring for 100% Human Hair

Caring for Ready-to-Wear Synthetic

Extending Life of Your Wig

Cleaning & Conditioning