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Summer 2021 Hair Trends

July 14th, 2021

Cool, Colorful, and Comfortable

Summer is here and you’re ready to get out and enjoy life once again! But (and it’s a big “but”!), the last thing you want to do is look like a Summer of 2019 rerun. You want to be in style and ready to rock your coif! So, what are the hot trends for Summer 2021?

Stay cool while looking hot.

On the beach or out on the town, you want to look terrific! But who wants to blow-dry and heat-style when the mercury is climbing? A wig can be a cool (pun intended) alternative to the time, effort, and electricity needed to get your look just right. Added bonus: no need to worry about humidity-generated frizz!

Now that the how-to question is settled, let’s move on to the “which one” question: which cut is the one that you want to show off this summer? Start by identifying your face shape: round, square, oval, triangular, rectangular, heart, or diamond, says TheTrendSpotter. The style you choose should balance the stronger features for the most flattering results.

Or throw the rules out the window and go outside your comfort zone. Short and spiky or long and luxurious, with the right wig, you have all the options without a long-term commitment. By the way, if you want the best of both worlds, short and long, word is out that an updated version of the 80s mullet is back with face-framing sides and back layers from neck to shoulder length.

Ready to pick a cut that will turn heads? Try Olivia’s masterfully spiked layers, Alana’s long, glamorous, soft waves, or Dena’s nape-hugging ‘do.

Let’s talk color!

If you want to shake things up after the long stretch of being in pandemic isolation, go all out with a totally new color. But forget those sun-kissed blonde strands! According to those in the know, the hottest color trend for this season is red. From ginger to auburn, the reds definitely have it, and now is the time to embrace the fire.

Wondering if you fit the redhead persona? According to Color Meanings, a redhead’s temperament can range from mysterious, romantic, and passionate to alluring and fiery, so pick your personality. Whatever image you’re going for, there’s a shade of red for you. And if you’re not sure which would be most flattering for your skin tone, Mane Addicts says lighter skin does best with lighter shades—think strawberry blonde or copper—while darker skin can go bold with mahogany or purple-red.

Ready to go red? Try Heather’s short, piecey pixie in Chocolate Cherry, Lynsey’s shoulder-length locks and long, even bangs in lighter red, or the sleek and sexy drama of Veronica’s long length in dark red!

It’s all about comfort!

When it comes to choosing a wig for summer, the construction makes all the difference. You want to look hot without feeling hot! And that’s where our Open Top collection fits the bill. It’s all about style and comfort, featuring a delicate layer of gossamer that lies softly against your scalp, allowing air to circulate freely. Try Bianca or Victoria.

Or try our EnvyHair™ Capless styles, lightweight yet stylish (and 100% styleable!)—perfect for those sultry dog days of summer. Aria’s short cut or the long and luxurious Ava are our picks for the season.

We’ve got what you want for the Summer of ’21! Head to your favorite Envy Wigs retailer to start choosing the ’do and the hue for you.

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