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Whip Your Wig Into Winter Shape

November 15th, 2017

With all the layers of clothes and winter gear needed to stay cozy in these cold temps, it can sometimes feel difficult to still feel stylish. That’s where cute winter hair accessories come in! When it comes to accessorizing a wig, especially with hats, it can be tricky to ensure your wig stays perfectly in place as you wander in and out of the blustery weather. Here are a few tips to help your wig stay secure and damage free throughout the winter season:

Use a gentle touch.

When you put on and remove items like hats and earmuffs, it’s important to do so with patience. If you pull everything off in a hurry once you rush indoors, you might accidentally take your wig off with it!

Carry a comb.

In order to prevent hats and accessories from damaging your wig, carry a wide tooth comb in your purse and take care of tangles and snags as they arise. It’s not uncommon for a headband or hat to snag on a few pieces of windblown winter hair. If this happens, be patient! Don’t risk yanking it out and damaging the wig—use your comb and a light touch, instead, to work it free.

Check sizing.

One of the best ways to keep a wig in place is to ensure you’re wearing the correct size. Visit any wig retailer and work with an experienced consultant to measure your head. Try on different wig styles in your size and a couple sizes outside your normal range to get an idea of what a good fit feels like. Also, wear your favorite wig when you go shopping for any new accessories so you can make sure they work with your chosen wig.

Get stylish!

So…which winter hair accessories should you choose? Here are a few of our favorites to keep you on trend for the season!

  • Chunky Knit Beanies
    These are both practical and stylish. Pair with jeans and a sweater, and you’re good to go! Click here to get the look.
  • Wide Brim Hats
    This classic accessory is making a major comeback. Dress up or down with a chic hat, and turn heads wherever you go. Click here to check out this look.
  • Wool Berets
    Add a little continental style to these chilly winter days. To rock this Parisian look, click here.
  • Statement Headbands
    While they may not be so great at keeping the chill at bay, headbands are very hip for fall/winter 2017. The perfect accessory for women who aren’t so into hats, statement headbands take any look from boring to show stopping. Click here for the look.

We hope you have a very safe, happy, and fashionable holiday season. Do you have any favorite accessories you love to pair with your Envy wig? Send us pics—we’d love to see!

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