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April 1st, 2019

In case you haven’t noticed, here at Envy Wigs we are quite excited about our latest line of styles. Each and every one is created with the oh-so-enviable Envyhair™ which blends natural hair with heat-friendly synthetic for supreme versatility of styling. Pair that with our ever-popular capless construction, and you get a wig that’s just as comfortable as it is styleable. The new line highlights looks in nearly every genre to zero in on your unique needs and show off your dazzling personality. What does your favorite style say about you?

The Daring Pixie

You’ve got confidence and you’re not afraid to show it. Fiona is sure to convey your rebel tendencies and ability to think outside of the box. If you like a little more length and versatility check out Flame and Aria to rock a beautiful, short and trendy look. The face framing styles are designed to highlight your best features. Don’t be afraid to pump up those eyes with an extra coat of mascara or contour those cheekbones with some blush to heighten the dramatic look.

Straight and Sleek

You like your world to be neat and orderly, and you have the skills to get it that way. Your sleek and shiny tresses tell everyone you’ve got things handled and are more than capable of achieving perfection in everything you do. Ava has all you need to show off your ordered world. Pair those lovely locks with some artsy jewelry or free flowing clothes to keep things exciting and fresh.

Fringy Layers

Oh how you love to change things up! You can style those layers like a chameleon, adding a little curl here or a flip there. This style says a lot about your ability to stay flexible and roll with life’s punches. If you embrace all that life throws your way, the choppy lines of Ophelia and Olivia will match you every step of the way.

So Curly

What’s nice about Envyhair? You can embrace your inner curly any day of the week. Show the world that you’re ready for adventure and that it’s time to not take life so seriously. Adding a little bounce to your hair is sure to add a little bounce to your step as well. We think Whitney would offer a perfect canvas to get out the curling iron and play. The length and layers offer oodles of possibilities!

Longer Lengths

You are loyal to the classics but like to mix it up. Whether your day holds business meetings or errands all around town, you can find the best look to suit your mood by changing the part, adding some waves or gathering it all up in some accessories. And you can make it all happen effortlessly with Selena.

Classic Bob

Everyone loves a bob, and they’ll love you for your practicality and goal driven ways. You can go from business to personal time in a flash and look good during every minute of the day with Tandi or Yuri. You will also have the platform to further your personal style with carefully curated jewelry that will accent your chin or shoulder length locks.

No matter which Envy style you choose to match or enhance your personality, you’re sure to make a splash! If you’re ready to reinvent yourself today, head to your nearest Envy Retailer and see which style makes your heart sing.

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