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All I Want for Christmas is a Brand New Style

December 15th, 2018

Are you aching for change? Desperate of the same old, same old? The approach of winter weather combined with the avalanche of the December schedule often encourages the desire for a little sunshine pick me up. We get that, so we’ve picked some of our favorite ways to bring on a little change to your ’do.

Go Big and Go Home (With a New Look)

Take your Envy wig to a stylist who is comfortable and experienced with working on wigs, and work with them to achieve your ideal dramatic switch. You can change the length, the layers, even add some bangs. This is an inexpensive way to get a whole new ’do. Take that wig that tends to sit on your stand instead of your head…with a little stylist magic, you may soon discover it’s your new favorite.

Color Me Happy

Sometimes all that is needed for quick pick me up is a new color. If you have a natural hair wig, you can take it to the salon for an updated hue. As with most dyeing, it is easiest to go darker than lighter. But if brunette isn’t on your agenda, a few well placed highlights can brighten up your look considerably. On your way home, stop to pick out a fun eyeliner or lipgloss to accent the new you.

Headbands and Bows and Clips. Oh My!

Wander down the aisle of most any department store, and you’ll soon find a little hair accessory oasis. Top your tresses with a colorful wrap headband or embrace your inner gypsy and wear it boho style. If you like a little sparkle, check out the wide variety of embellished clips and bobby pins. They are perfect for tucking a strand off to the side or accenting an up-do.

Give Hats and Try

They’re all the rage, and your wig wearing self can easily adopt the trend as your own. From fedoras to berets and everything in between a stylish hat will go a long way towards adding pizzaz and interest to your outfit. The key to successfully wearing hats over a wig is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Buy your hat a size up.
  2. Make sure your wig is firmly placed on your head.
  3. Apply the hat lightly and secure with bobby pins on each side and one in the back.

So go ahead and switch things up. It will bring a new spring to your step and fun to your day! And if a few add ons or modifications aren’t quite enough to satisfy your longing for change, maybe it’s time to put “brand new Envy wig” on your holiday wish list!

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