E Report / Aug 14th, 2013

Caring for Your Synthetic Wig

You’ve made an important investment in your look by purchasing your synthetic wig(s), so you want to protect that investment by taking the best possible care of your wig to ensure its longevity.

The key word: GENTLE!

  • Store your wig on a wig stand or mannequin in a cool, dry location safe from extreme temperatures.
  • If you regularly wear a wig, try to have at least two wigs so you can rotate them to extend their wearable life.
  • Use only care products that are specially formulated for synthetic wigs. Never use hairspray formulated for human hair; it can actually cause the fibers to deteriorate.
  • Envy’s wig care products include a set of four travel-sized care products (shampoo, leave-in conditioner, lusterizer, and hair spray), as well as an anti-bacterial spray, revitalizing spray-in repair product, and a sculpting crème.
  • Shampoo your wig as needed, perhaps weekly, after 5–6 wearings, or simply when it looks and feels like it needs shampooing. If you use synthetic wig care products (mousse, gel, spray, etc.), you may need to shampoo and condition your wig more often.
  • Be gentle when shampooing your wig; don’t twist or rub it. Use only cool or cold water; hot water could damage the fibers. Pay special attention to the area around the face where makeup and oil can accumulate.


Very gently, comb the wig with a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles. If a longer wig feels tangled, begin by gently separating the strands with your fingers, starting at the tips of the strands and working your way to the base. You can apply a bit of Envy’s leave-in conditioner to make de-tangling easier.


  • To keep your wig looking vibrant, ONLY use synthetic-safe wig care products to shampoo your wig.
  • Fill the sink (or bowl) with about two quarts of cool water, add the directed amount of synthetic wig shampoo, and immerse your wig, allowing it to soak for about five minutes.
  • Gently agitate your wig to ensure water has penetrated all the strands. Remove your wig and place it on a soft towel and blot the fibers. Drain and rinse the sink so no soapy residue remains.


  • Refill the sink with clean, cool water, immerse the wig, and gently agitate until all the suds are gone. You may run cool water from the tap over the wig; just be certain the water flows from the top of the strands to the tips.
  • If necessary, repeat either just the rinse cycle or the complete wash and rinse process.


  • Clean the sink and fill it with cool water. Add the directed amount of synthetic wig conditioner and agitate the wig gently, allowing the conditioner to be evenly dispersed.
  • Remove the wig and again follow the Rinse procedure.


  • Once the wig is clean and conditioned, place it on a soft towel, gently blotting it to remove the excess water. DO NOT rub, wring, or twist.
  • At this point, you may lightly spray a leave-in conditioner and work it through the strands using just your fingers, NOT a brush or comb. The conditioner will return the wig to its natural sheen that gets lost through day-to-day usage, while making it easier to brush and style the wig after it’s dry.
  • Place the wig on a mannequin head or wig stand and allow the wig to dry completely overnight.

Stay tuned: next month we’ll tell you how to care for your wig if it’s made of human hair or a blend of human hair and synthetic fibers.


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