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Alan 0053 4 cxWhen I started my career over 20 years ago, I realized that the one fashion statement most envied was a woman’s hair. How it’s styled, the cut and color, all say so much about who a woman is. Then, when a very dear friend began to suffer hair loss due to intense medical treatments, I realized there was a need for alternative hair that looked natural and that felt good, both to the scalp and to the inner soul.

Suddenly, women everywhere were falling for the designs that I had created for another national brand. Women enjoy being able to change their look on a whim, enhance their existing styles and to look their absolute best. Even women undergoing medical treatment found that if they looked better, they felt better. Alternative styles were turning up on runways, the big screen, in corporate offices and famous coffee shops in cities and burbs all over the globe.

Now, I’m taking it a step further. Creating a new line of products that feel good on and that you can feel good about. My team of artisans take great care to ensure that every strand, every cap, every style looks and feels great. I can say that our Mono Part, Lace Front, and Open Top collections are all designed to give every woman a comfortable, contoured fit that hugs the head, does not ride up or slide around, and is gentle even on the most sensitive scalps.

When it comes to beauty, Envy is good for every woman … naturally. And with this gorgeous line… green eyes, blue eyes, brown eyes… all eyes will be on you. So discover the fashion wigs and hair add-ons that will have everyone going green with Envy.


Alan Eaton, Designer and Founder Envy Wigs

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