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Become an Envy Wigs Vocab Expert in 3-2-1!

July 15th, 2020

Capless. Lace Front. Mono Top. Mono Part. Open Top. Whoa…wig vocab can get overwhelming very quickly. We understand! There are many choices when it comes to wigs, and we are here to help with a nice and easy guide that will ensure you are speaking (and wearing) your wig like a pro in no time.

It’s all about construction—what you see if you turn the wig inside out and examine the underside. Those differences in design can make a big difference in finding the wig that is right for you. Read through and find what most appeals to you from a style and comfort standpoint.

Open Top/Capless

Without a cap? Not exactly. Instead, capless construction (or Open Top, as we like to call it) consists of structural strips upon which the hair is attached. Think, little waterfalls of hair perfectly spaced. This design yields a nicely ventilated surface which allows air to pass through. Due to the fiber being aligned in strips, it is typically styled with less of a part and more volume at the crown to provide coverage.

Lace Front

The feature that makes our Lace Front wigs special can be found in the hairline. Rather than having the fibers attached to open strips, they are instead placed on a sheer fabric that blends in naturally to your existing hairline area. To make the look even more authentic, wispy hairs are added along the perimeter of the lace to mimic natural growth. If you enjoy styling your hair away from your face, this could be the feature for you.

Mono Top

The wefts of capless are joined by an oval crown of very fine, sheer fabric—called monofilament—in Mono Top wigs. This oval reaches from the front of the scalp to the crown. Upon the monofilament base, hair is hand tied which allows for a beautiful natural look no matter how the hair is parted or styled.

Mono Part

Similar to the Mono Top, Mono Part wigs integrates a soft monofilament construction along the part line upon which hand tied fibers create a real hair growth look. Because the monofilament only lays along the part—left, right, or middle—the wig should only be parted as originally designed for the most realistic look.

Lace Front Mono Top

As the name implies, Lace Front Mono Top is a rather genius marriage between the lace front and mono top constructions. Truly the best of both worlds.

Lace Front Mono Part

Need we say it? The beauty of lace front paired with a mono part makes our Lace Front Mono Part styles sing.

And there you have it! The most common wig construction methods, explained. There’s no quiz attached, but if there were, we’re sure you’d pass with flying colors.

What is the best test when it comes to figuring out wigs? Heading to your nearest Envy retailer to try them on. What makes sense on the screen will make even more sense when it’s on your head.

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