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June 1st, 2016

The weather is warming up, the days are lengthening…as the first month of summer, June has a lot going for it. The bright, sunny days just beg to be taken advantage of. Strolls through the park, hikes through the woods, beach vacations—how do you embrace the beginning of summer?

Do you like to relax into the season, soaking up the sunshine while you meander through your days? Or does the extra vitamin D get you in a more active mood, propelling you toward new adventures during every bit of your spare time? Either way, the change of seasons probably has you out and about a bit more than the cold dreary months we’ve left behind, and you’ll want a wig that can keep up with your summer lifestyle.

With every Envy Wig you wear, you know you’re getting the best, most secure fit possible. Each collection is designed with a comfortable, contoured cap that hugs the head, does not ride up or slide around, and is gentle even on the most sensitive scalps. A petal-patterned netting adds unparalleled stretch and support to our Open Top styles, and the caps are dyed in complementary shades for complete coverage. Not only will these wigs stay securely fastened in place, they’ll look completely natural in the process.

For an added level of authenticity, our Human Hair collection is exactly what you want. Every strand of hair has been hand selected by our team of professionals to assure that each wig offers the ultimate in rich color, unique texture, exquisite body, and healthy appearance. Blowdry and flat iron to wear straight, or heat roll for those luscious curly styles that really turn heads.

Whichever collection you choose, in a wig by Envy you can be sure you’ll step into the summer sunshine feeling completely confident. Stroll down to your nearest Envy Wigs retailer and try a few on for yourself. And be sure to ask if they have any sunny deals on their Envy Wigs!

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