E Report / Jun 15th, 2019
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Tips for Traveling with Wigs

We’ve all been there. It’s midnight and the 6am flight that seemed like a brilliant idea when it was booked because it got you to your sunny destination before noon suddenly seems like a very bad decision as you look at your to-do list.

If you’re traveling with a wig, especially for the first time, the task of getting packed and ready can seem even more daunting. Never fear, Envy Wig-wearer. Follow our handy wig-packing tips, and you’ll be headed off to vacation bliss with little hassle.

Keep It Simple

While there are plenty of fancy wig cases designed for travel, you can keep it on the easy side by packing your wigs in a ziplock bag. Turn your wig inside out, tucking the length smoothly into the cap, and secure the bundle with a hairnet. Then slip it into a gallon size ziplock bag. For a bit of extra protection, choose a silky scarf and wrap it around the wig before putting it in the bag. You can always use that scarf for your sans-wig beach walks or to tie the strands back from your face on windy days. Try to carve out a protected space in your carry-on or checked luggage where the wig won’t be crushed by heavier items.

TSA Who?

Don’t allow the fear of making it through security while wearing your wig hamper the joy of traveling. There’s nothing special you need to do or pack to ensure you sail through without a hiccup. Typically wig clips won’t set off any alarms and, in the unlikely event you are asked to remove your wig, you can request to do so in a private area.

Caps Matter

If you’re going to be traveling to a warm destination, be choosy about the wig cap you bring along. A nice stretchy one with ample ventilation should do the trick. A second wig cap is nice to have along as well, since your scalp might perspire a bit more. A quick, midday switch will do wonders. If you haven’t tried a bamboo wig cap, you may enjoy its cooling properties at home or away.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

It’s probably already on your list, but a little higher SPF, or one that is especially formulated for sensitive skin might come in handy. Remember that opting for a hat or scarf rather than your usual wig may leave tender areas exposed the sun’s rays.

Tiny-Sized Goodies

Who doesn’t love a cute travel size? Pamper yourself with Envy’s convenient, ready-to-travel kit, or create your own with your favorite wig care products. Allowing your wig to air out thoroughly between wearings will allow you to cut back on the washing, as will using a cap liner, which absorbs excess perspiration. A foldable wig stand will help keep the air flowing for drying or refreshing. If you’re reading this before the 11th hour, check out a few of Envy’s travel items on our Accessories page.

Go on now—time to zip those bags and go enjoy your vacation. You’ll look great as always, flaunting your Envy wig, no matter where your final destination may be. Bon Voyage!

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