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How to Pick Your Perfect Cap Style

As much fun as shopping for a new wig is, we realize it can also be a tad overwhelming. Not only do you get to pick out your style and color, but there’s the cap construction to consider. It can be confusing to hold up two wigs that look almost identical but have completely different price points.

Below, we give you a bit more information about how each of our cap styles are made, highlighting the differences and benefits of each. Use this as a guide to determine which collection of wigs is best suited for your needs. And don’t forget that the experts at your local Envy retailer are excellent resources, as well!


Open Top

Open-TopA basic wig cap is typically constructed from a layer of lace and wefts—narrow strips of material that have strands of hair sewn into them. These wigs tend to be the most affordable, but they are also often heavier and offer little flexibility in styling. Open Top construction, on the other hand, use wefts that are less dense, and they leave more room between each strip. This results in much better air circulation, as well as a more comfortable, lighter-weight wig. Open Top wigs also typically allow more versatility in styling than the traditional wig cap, as you can part it on the right, left, or down the middle.



Mono-TopThe monofilament cap styles tend to cost a little extra, as the process of making them is quite labor-intensive—each strand of hair in a section of the wig is hand-tied to a mesh base, simulating natural growth, with wefting throughout the rest of the piece. The monofilament section is typically at the crown, top, or part of the wig, and because each strand of hair is secured separately, the hair lies and moves in a more natural-looking manner. The monofilament wig was originally developed for customers experiencing hair loss due to medical conditions, as the breathable nylon or silk mesh bases are more comfortable to sensitive scalps.Lace-Front-Mono-Part

At Envy, we feature both Mono Top and Mono Part styles. Most of these wigs have lots of flexibility in parting and styling, though some are designed with a specific part in mind to preserve the integrity of the style and overall density.


Lace Front

Lace-FrontIf you’re looking for the most natural-looking hairline, a lace front wig may be just what you need. Each strand is individually tied to a section of sheer lace which lays against the hairline, from temple to temple or ear to ear. This allows the wearer to sweep the hair back from the face without revealing the construction of the wig. Envy’s Lace Front styles mimic your natural hairline, right down to those wispy little hairs that frame your face and feature a graduated density, which begins with a finer appearance in the front and gradually increases as it reaches the crown.

Lace-Front-Mono-TopOur Lace Front Mono Top combines the natural hairline of a lace front with the hand-tied technology and natural-looking scalp of our mono top design. This allows you to part your hair where you wish and sweep your bangs to the side or all the way off your face. In addition, the fine mesh base keeps the whole look cool and comfortable.


Hand Tied

Hand-TiedHand-tied styles tend to be the priciest wigs on the market, though it’s certainly with good reason—100% hand-tied wigs offer the softest, most comfortable fit and the most natural movement, as each hair is secured individually to the base and can move freely. They also offer the most versatility in styling and the most believable silhouettes, as the hairs can be combed in any direction, revealing a natural-looking scalp wherever the wig is parted. Envy offers three classic, fully Hand Tied styles.


Human Hair & Envyhair

While not technically types of cap construction, another thing to keep in mind while shopping for a wig is the type of hair used. Synthetic hair is the most common and least costly, but for those of you looking for the most natural look or versatility in styling, you may want to consider something more natural.

Human-HairHuman hair wigs tend to feel and look the most authentic, but they do require more upkeep and must be styled on a regular basis. The upside to this is that they can be styled just as you would style naturally-growing hair—you can blow it dry, iron it flat, or heat roll it without damaging the integrity of the fibers. With Envy’s Human Hair collection, every strand of hair has been hand-selected by our team of professionals to assure that each wig offers the ultimate in rich color, unique texture, exquisite body, and health.

EnvyhairStyles using human hair can tend to run a bit expensive, so an alternative is a human/synthetic hair blend. Our Envyhair is a unique combination of 70% heat friendly fiber and 30% human hair that looks, feels, and acts just like human hair, but at a fraction of the cost.

We’ve intended this article to act as a guide for your wig buying, though the best way to determine your perfect cap style is to try a few on for size. A haircare professional will be able to show you the nuances between the constructions and can help take your particular needs into consideration when selecting styles for you to try. Visit our Store Locator to find the Envy Wigs retailer closest to you.

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