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Survey Says…..

We recently surveyed ENVY’s Blog Subscribers to get a better read on their wig-wearing journeys, challenges, and the kind of content they care about most. To all who responded, THANK YOU! Your answers will help us better deliver the trends, tips, and hair-loss content you want to see more of.

Your Reason For Wearing a Wig?

It’s no surprise that 77% of you turn to wigs as a solution to hair loss. It’s estimated that 50% of women experience thinning hair after fifty. And the number is rising in younger generations due to poor nutrition, yo-yo dieting, and new medications. The psychological connection between hair and identity runs deep, says Psychologist Vivian Diller, PhD. “Thick, rich hair has always meant health, sensuality, and youth, so it continues to mean that to women today.”

Designer & CEO, Alan Eaton started ENVY in response to a good friend’s hair loss—and is uniquely sensitive to the role hair plays in one’s self-confidence. So hearing one customer say “I instantly got my confidence and smile back thanks to ENVY,” we know we’re doing something right.

  • 77%: A Solution to Hair Loss
  • 41%: Self-confidence/Look Myself Again
  • 38%: Have Fun/Express Myself
  • 35%: Ensure Good Hair Days
  • 8%: Protect Natural Hair


How Many Wigs Do You Own?

Nearly 1/3 of you (30%) own 10 WIGS OR MORE. Good to hear, as rotating wigs is a great way to express yourself AND helps wigs last longer.


What Length Are You Most Interested In?

Nearly 60% of respondents love a bob. But did you know that prior to the 1920s, long hair was a symbol of femininity (and worn in buns or braids). The bobbed style was a form of rebellion and helped give rise to a new industry: the hair salon.

With the cut now ubiquitous, ENVY offers 39 variations, from the classic PETITE PAIGE to the curly and asymmetrical KELSEY. For tips on which bob suits you best, watch ENVY U’s “Best Style for Your Face Shape” video.

  • 24%: Short/Pixie
  • 59%: Bob (Chin-length)
  • 16%: Long


Which Fiber(s) Are You Most Interested In Learning About?

Rank from 1 (highest) to 3 (lowest).

We’ll definitely be providing more content around our exclusive EnvyHair™️ blend. But there’s always something to learn about ALL ENVY fibers. Did you know that the Kanekalon® fiber of our synthetic styles is renowned for holding its shade, shine, and shape. (Pictured at top: BRITTANEY, HARPER, SAM). Or that every strand of our 100% Human Hair wigs is hand-selected for color and hand knotted to perfectly mimic the movement of biological hair? Creating a fully hand-tied wig can take one person up to 40 hours!

Watch ENVY U’s “Choosing Your Fiber” video to help find the one that best suits you.


Which Content Do You Find Most Useful?

  • 38% of respondents ranked “Styling Tips & Trends” highest
  • “Wig Care & Maintenance” (24%) and “Tips for Choosing the Right Wig” (25%) were neck-and-neck for 2nd place

From “Fluffed-out” Curls to the Butterfly Cut, ENVY’s E REPORT regularly reports on tips and trends—and continually introduces styles that reflect them (Spring’s new asymmetrical BILLIE and PAULA, for example).


What Are Your Wig-Wearing Challenges?

  • 51% Fit
  • 45% Having to Trim Bangs/Length
  • 43% Finding Flattering Colors
  • 27% Other

Fit doesn’t have to be a problem if you take these simple steps:


Do You Have Time To Style? Or Do You Prefer To Put It On & Go?


75% of respondents prefer to “put it on and go”, while 25% “have the time to style”. Thankfully, today’s wigs are designed to hold their style and look great out-of-the-box. But with the advanced stylability of our exclusive EnvyHair™️ blend, more and more wig-wearers are learning just how easy it is to make a wig their own.

With built-in moisture-control that withstands temperatures up to 285°F, our blend of 30% Human Hair & 70% Heat-friendly Synthetic Fibers can be blow-dried, curled or flat-ironed just like natural hair. Unlike heat-friendly 100% synthetic wigs, EnvyHair holds its style AND can cut styling time in half!

See just how easy it is by exploring EnvyHair’s 1 STYLE/3 LOOKS Styling tutorials.


Feeling Connected

Designer & CEO, Alan Eaton always says it’s “connection” that makes his job worthwhile. And while our survey findings will help ensure our content connects with customers, respondent Joy B’s unsolicited comment (below) proves how powerful ENVY’s connection can be.

“I own 3 DESTINY in Dark Brown. [Having] lost my hair, l can live again because your wigs are so natural no one knows. In fact, when people ask me where I go to get my hair cut and colored, I say about an hour from here. Thank you for getting my life back.”

Joy, thank you!

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Words of Wigdom
The secret to a perfectly natural look is a slightly imperfect part, says Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton. “Gently reposition strands along the part line or snip a few wispy pieces using manicure scissors—AND some restraint—for a slightly messy part that looks all your own.”

Words of Wigdom™
“Throughout my 20-year career, women’s comfort has always been at the top of my mind,” says Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton, whose Stretch Cap Technology hugs the perimeter while eliminating pressure points for maximum comfort.”

Words of Wigdom™
For first-time wig wearers, “The trick is to stay close to the color of your eyebrows,” notes Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton. If not, “then consider dyeing your eyebrows to match your chosen wig color.”

Words of Wigdom™
“Few people know that wigs can be styled just like natural hair—and that most hairstylists are happy to give your wig a custom cut,” says Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton. “Trimming bangs and shaping to your exact specifications can help make your wig indecipherable from your own natural hair.”

Words of Wigdom™
“The “Grey Hair, Don’t Care” trend—which saw women embracing their grey—is stronger than ever. And not just with the over-50 crowd. “Silver is chic, edgy and looks great on almost anyone,” says Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton, who offers nearly every EnvyHair™ and synthetic style in 3 multi-dimensional grey shades.”

Words of Wigdom™