E Report / Mar 9th, 2023
Bianca in Silky Beige wig against outdoor backdrop

Spring Is In The Hair

The change in the weather finds many women warming up to a new hair style. And wig-wearers don’t have to choose just one. From flattering, layered looks to NEW asymmetrical cuts, ENVY’s got your next go-to look.

Simply put, Asymmetrical Styles are characterized by a contrast in length—with the “slightly longer on one side” bob one example that’s as chic and on-trend as ever. Medium-length styles like KELSEY are perfect for round or square faces (the angled bob’s waves help soften the angularities of the face). While asymmetrical short styles are especially good for oval (or longer) faces.

Blooming Trends

If you want to go curly this spring, go for “Fluffed Out” statement-making curls (think “supermodel hair” like Gigi Hadid’s). To give curly styles like BIANCA an extra boost of volume, hang them upside down after shampooing and let air-dry.

Short curls with bangs are also on-trend for 2023. They’re great for drawing attention to the eyes, framing the face, and lending wig-wearers a flirty youthfulness (while hiding fine lines or wrinkles).

If you’re a fan of Cher, you’re not alone. It seems the singer/actress is more popular than ever… especially her sleek, straight hair and middle part. Kim Kardashian is making it look super-modern… and ENVY’s VERONICA offers it in 22 multi-dimensional shades. Thanks to the heat-friendly stylability of our exclusive EnvyHair™ blend, a flat iron can give KRISTA the sleek “Cher” treatment, too.

1 Style/3 Looks

Asymmetrical or curly. Short or long. Versatility is what the world of wigs provides. And our exclusive EnvyHair™ blend of human hair and heat-friendly synthetic fibers takes it to the next level. “The trend of wigs-as-style-statements will only get bigger in the years ahead,” says Designer & CEO, Alan Eaton. “And EnvyHair’s 1 STYLE/3 LOOKS video how-tos encourage users to think of the product like their own hair.”

Fans of the slightly longer bob (aka “lob”) will love the salon-worthy look of ENVY’s NEW LISA. But thanks to our exclusive EnvyHair™ blend of human hair and heat-friendly synthetic fibers, you can transform its lush layers into “beachy waves” in minutes.

Lisa 1 Style 3 Looks Video on mobile device

Looking for more how-tos? Watch by step how to styling videos for Lisa and other at envywigs.com/videos.

Own It

Styling products created especially for your wig’s fibers are essential when it comes to making the style your own. Want to add some spikiness to short styles? Or beachy, bed-head texture to longer, layered styles? Just work a small amount of ENVY BEAUTY BALM Sculpting Crème into your wig. The acai- and pineapple-infused formula won’t weigh hair down and washes out easily.


“With the introduction of 3 NEW EnvyHair styles, we want to reframe the wig narrative around creativity and ‘making the style your own’”.

Alan Eaton, Designer & CEO



This Women’s History Month, let your voice be heard—and your unique, best self seen. Today, wigs are as much a means of self-expression as they are an answer to thinning hair. And they invite every woman to discover the next-level confidence a wig can provide.



March is Women’s History Month

“Confidence” is at the heart of the ENVY brand. And we know that women’s contributions to our nation. With women’s history virtually ignored schools, the Education Task Force of the Sonoma County (California) Commission initiated a “Women’s History Week” celebration for 1978. Other communities followed suit, with President Carter issuing the first Proclamation declaring the Week of March 8th, 1980 National Women’s History Week. By 1986, 14 states had declared March as Women’s History Month—and congress made it official a year later.

Find a wealth of ways to study and celebrate women’s vital role in American history at womenshistorymonth.gov.

Inflection Point Podcast with Lauren schiller Graphic

Get inspired by this collection of episodes from the syndicated public radio show/podcast, “Inflection Point” (2015-2020), featuring conversations with entrepreneurs, performers, academics, and authors who are making a difference for women everywhere.


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Words of Wigdom
The secret to a perfectly natural look is a slightly imperfect part, says Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton. “Gently reposition strands along the part line or snip a few wispy pieces using manicure scissors—AND some restraint—for a slightly messy part that looks all your own.”

Words of Wigdom™
“Throughout my 20-year career, women’s comfort has always been at the top of my mind,” says Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton, whose Stretch Cap Technology hugs the perimeter while eliminating pressure points for maximum comfort.”

Words of Wigdom™
For first-time wig wearers, “The trick is to stay close to the color of your eyebrows,” notes Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton. If not, “then consider dyeing your eyebrows to match your chosen wig color.”

Words of Wigdom™
“Few people know that wigs can be styled just like natural hair—and that most hairstylists are happy to give your wig a custom cut,” says Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton. “Trimming bangs and shaping to your exact specifications can help make your wig indecipherable from your own natural hair.”

Words of Wigdom™
“The “Grey Hair, Don’t Care” trend—which saw women embracing their grey—is stronger than ever. And not just with the over-50 crowd. “Silver is chic, edgy and looks great on almost anyone,” says Designer and CEO, Alan Eaton, who offers nearly every EnvyHair™ and synthetic style in 3 multi-dimensional grey shades.”

Words of Wigdom™