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Turn February Blahs Into February Rahs!

February 1st, 2020

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Oh, the stylish ‘dos we have for you!

We’re still in the throes of winter, and even in February spring can seem out of reach. But this year brings so many things to celebrate—we even get a whole extra day in this very special February! Take heart—the winter blahs will soon be a thing of the past. Why not help bring on the sunshine with a brand new look by Envy?

Envyhair™ & Envyhair™ Capless

We just can’t rave enough about Envyhair—our exclusive blend of 70% heat friendly fiber and 30% human hair. It allows you to heat set, curl, or straighten to your heart’s delight and create a style all your own. When the best of both worlds is your desire, Envyhair is your answer. Even better, select styles are now available in our popular capless styles, as well!

Human Hair

When every strand is hand selected by the pros, you can’t go wrong. Envy’s Human Hair wigs offer the ultimate in dimensional color, texture, body, and health all with the stylability of your natural hair. These wigs really allow you to be the envy of all you meet!

Hand Tied

Fully hand tied strands combined with feather-light, seamless, lace front mono top caps make these styles not only beautiful, but breathable, comfortable, and confidence-boosting. What’s not to love?

Lace Front & Lace Front Mono Top

Both our Lace Front and Lace Front Mono Top collections boast natural hairlines that allow you to sweep your locks back off your face. Wispy edges make natural-looking styling a breeze, and the graduated density of these styles mean your tresses will look natural from any angle. The unique technology of our monofilament base in the Lace Front Mono Top collection ensures the look of a natural scalp so you can change your part and sweep your bangs off to one side, depending on your mood of the day. Wear these wigs from dawn to dusk thanks to caps so soft that even the most sensitive of scalps remain irritation free.

Mono Top

Most of our Mono Top styles can be parted on the left, the right, or down the middle and never reveal anything but great style. The secret is in the quality construction—each monofilament base is designed to appear as your natural scalp, and each strand of fiber is hand-tied to simulate natural hair growth. Wispy bits of fringe framing the hairline allow you to comb your hair toward or away from your face while keeping a realistic silhouette, and each ultra-lightweight style features wefted sides and back for the most comfortable fit possible while allowing a breathable yet capless feel to each style.

Mono Part

Our Mono Part collection looks natural from any angle. The top is designed to look like your own scalp and each strand is hand-tied to simulate natural hair growth. The cap itself is crafted of breathable material selected for their softness, making this style perfect for women with sensitive scalps and those undergoing chemotherapy. Best of all, they are much more affordable than they look. But who’s going to tell?

Open Top

By far our most popular collection our Open Top collection is designed to help you look and feel fantastic. A delicate layer of gossamer lies softly against the scalp, allowing air to circulate freely. Petal-patterned netting adds stretch and support to every style and is dyed in a complementary shade to ensure complete coverage.

What a collection of beauty and style…. Three cheers for February at Envy! Ready to try a few new looks on for yourself? Head to your nearest Envy Wigs retailer, and be sure to ask if they have any February specials on our collections!

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